How businesses can make their workspaces more productive

July 7, 2021

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How Businesses Can Make Their Workspaces More Productive

The quality of workspaces matter. They play a huge role in determining overall productivity and work quality. Studies have suggested that an optimised office environment boosts employee productivity by up to 20%. Yet, ‘nearly half of the employers interviewed don’t consider workplace design a good business investment’

In the new age of remote work where employers have decreased on-site interaction opportunities with employees, it’s important for employers to know that the remote workspaces their employees are operating in are designed to fit their needs and improve efficiency.

Fill your office with greenery

Whether it’s a pot of Peace Lilies tucked in a desk corner or a 4-foot tall Dracaena plant, we love a green office! According to a 2019 Japanese study, desk plants were found to have notably anxiety and stress-relieving qualities. By spending just 3 minutes gazing or tending to desk plants, ‘about 27% of participants experienced a significant decrease in their pulse rate…and most participants’ anxiety scores decreased too’ (CNBC)

In Singapore’s high-stress work environment, potted greenery is an affordable, portable and easy way to provide employees with some temporary relief and pleasure during the workday. Besides, plants are a great way to spruce up dull office environments and create an innovative atmosphere for employees to get into a productive headspace! 

Natural light does wonders

Much like plants, natural light also has a wider impact on employee productivity and contentment. The US National Sleep Foundation found that exposure to natural light was positively correlated with better sleep schedules. And you guessed right! Well-rested employees translate to higher labour productivity and creativity. 

Natural light also provides a host of other health benefits as well. Providing plenty of natural light ensures that your employees receive a healthy dose of Vitamin D which facilitates calcium absorption and bone growth. Additionally, natural light also significantly reduces eye strain. Workers exposed to optimised natural light conditions ‘reported an 84 percent drop in symptoms of eyestrain, headaches and blurred vision symptoms, which often result from prolonged computer and device use at work’. 

Less mess means less stress

A clean desk makes a clear mind! Turns out it’s been scientifically proven that clutter creates unnecessary distractions and overloads the frontal cortex with excessive stimuli. The stress caused by mess makes it hard for employees to concentrate on their tasks at work, which ultimately inhibits their productivity. 

From an organised filing system to the creation of specific ‘work zones’ well-equipped with office supplies and other organisers (file dividers, labelled shelves, ring folders etc.), businesses can help employees to better catalogue their work materials and keep their work desks tidy!

Coffee is a big plus

1.4 billion cups of coffee are served up everyday globally. If there’s one commonality professionals across the world share, it’s that they need their morning brew to function. Beyond just providing employees with a much needed caffeine boost, providing coffee at the office also boosts employee morale. According to McKinsey and Company, ‘61% of employees feel their employer cares about their well-being if they provide hot beverages’ and ‘82% of employees say coffee at work puts them in a better mood’. 

Synonymous with informal networking and collaborative opportunities, ‘coffee chats have become important facilitators of professional relationships that could greatly benefit businesses. Who knew that a simple coffee brew could serve up so many perks? 

Utilise the power of employee feedback

People are the heart of your business. Studies suggest that among businesses that have clinched awards for innovation, more than 50% of the propositions came from ordinary employees, not upper management. Hear out what your employees have to say about what makes a productive workspace for them. Whether it’s regarding improvements to existing office amenities or the need for more relaxed meeting pods, listen to your workers and find the workspace solution that best works for them.

We know, office design improvements can be nothing short of a costly logistical nightmare. At Deskimo we provide you with a curated list of workspaces that your business can tap onto. Why not let your employees choose the workspace that best works for them and your business?

Download the Deskimo app and pay-as-you-go across dozens of beautiful workspaces!

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