Hot Desks for just S$299/month

Get SGD $349 of credit to access to more than 35 workspaces including The Executive Centre, The Hive and Arcc Spaces. Offer lasts till 7 November. Discover workspaces and experience working from anywhere today.

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Flexible working made easy

Frustrated with working from home? Get unlimited access to hot desks everywhere with Deskimo.

  • Flexible

    Choose desks in open workspaces, phone booths and comfortable lounges

  • Convenient

    Choose from 35+ locations across the entire country with 24/7 coverage

  • Productive

    Get more done in spaces that offer high-speed internet and complementary coffee

24/7 access to workspaces

With 35+ workspaces within and out of the central business district, Deskimo allows me to work from anywhere at all times of the day. It saves time and headaches that we’ve always had when finding premium spaces for important calls or when in between meetings. I’d pay just about any price for the convenience of Deskimo!

Eugene Bochkov
Project Manager

Eugene Bochkov
Startup founder

We have the answers to your questions

Why do I need the all-access pass?

Deskimo is more than just a workspace pass. Our platform optimizes every aspect of your working experience. From workspaces based on your location to a seamless check-in experience, Deskimo enables you to easily discover and work from our growing network of vetted and unique spaces.

How does Deskimo work?

Our platform allows you to search and filter workspaces by location. To access your chosen workspace, simply open the application and tap on “Check In”. Scan the QR code that appears using the Deskimo scanner at the workspace entrance and get to work. WiFi details are available in the application once you are checked in.

Can I bring a guest with me?

Yes you can. With Deskimo’s platform, you will be able to check a guest in at an additional charge, starting from SGD 2 per hour, without having the guest download the application at all.

Do you offer support?

Deskimo has 24/7 phone and email support. Someone is always available for questions or comments about the service.

Forget about rigid lease agreements

Work from anywhere with just S$299. Take advantage of this deal just in time for the quarter close. Cancel anytime.