Robinson Road

CrossCoop 80 Robinson Road, 80 Robinson Road, #10-01, S068898, Singapore
Billing rate
Pay only for the time you use.
5.40 SGD
Per minute Per hour
Min charge: 1.00 SGD


Coffee & Tea Coffee & Tea
Natural Light Natural Light
Phone Booths Phone Booths
Pantry Pantry
Hot & Cold Water Hot & Cold Water
High Speed Wifi High Speed Wifi

You need to pay extra fees to use other amenities. Please approach the Community team at the front desk to purchase amenities.


Crosscoop Singapore is located in the central business district in Singapore. Since our establishment in 2011, there have been more than 600 multinational corporations using our serviced office. Our coworking space is newly renovated with 50 seatings. The space can be set up for an event, seminar and training.


Today 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Community Team Hours 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Aircon Hours 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

House Rules

Crosscoop Singapore Coworking Space House rules

(applies to all Deskimo members)

-Member shall check in with the scanner provided by Deskimo.

-Member shall display coworking card at all times where they are seated and return it at the end of usage.

-Member is allowed to access Coworking space, assigned area of Crosscoop Singapore during 9am to 6pm.

-Member is not allowed to leave their belonging unattended if they are away for more than 10 minutes.

-Member is not allowed to access non-agreed space, or access non-agreed timing. Member shall use the said promise as a working space, and it should not be used for other purposes.

-Where the entire or a part of the notification contained false information, or Crosscoop Singapore deemed it contrary to the intent of this agreement against the contents of the notification (change), Crosscoop Singapore is able to cancel the membership of the Member and terminate this agreement without any compensation or refund.

-The Member shall not commit the following acts. When the Member violated the following provisions, and caused damages to the Office Management, Member as well as other users, the Member shall be liable to compensate the full amount of such damages. Same can be applied when employees and servants of the Member as well as other relevant persons violated the following provisions.

1. To use for the purposes other than working space.

2. To enter/use non-permitted area or amenities without any consent from the Office Management.

3. To enter/use other than indicated hours without any consent from the Office Management.

4. To use the space in the said premises as collateral to a third party, regardless of who entered the agreement.

5. To bring in dangerous, filthy, stench goods or other goods which could disturb others in the said premises.

6. To invade other users’ privacy, peek or intrude other uses’ agreed space, intrude or use other companies’ networks without authorisation, open, retain or dispose of other companies’ mails.

7. Conducts and use of any equipment which can cause a fire such as a stove.

8. Any conducts which violates public policy.

9. Any conduct which can disrupt or is likely to disrupt the smooth operation of the said premises and the maintenance of the integrity.

10. Any action of disposition concerning to the rights and obligations arising from this agreement.

- Given that a portion of the said premises is shared with other users, considering it open space, the Member is liable to keep confidential any business information, secret and other matters whatsoever on the Office Management as well as on other users which have been learned through the use of the said premises (hereinafter collectively referred to as "information, secrets and the like”.) to any third party. The Member shall keep strictly confidential such information, secrets and the like and shall not let them leak or disclose to a third party. The Member shall not use such information, secrets and the like for the purposes to gain interest for itself or a third party. This takes effect even after the termination of this agreement.

-Where damage is exerted on the Office Management as well as other users, in violation of paragraph 1 of this Article, the Member shall be liable to compensate for the damages in full amount. Same shall be applied when employees, servants or other relevant person with the Member.

- The Office Management shall not be liable, of any kind, for loss, damage, theft, disclosure and wrong use of the Member’s assets, information, confidential information, and others provided for in the preceding paragraphs.

- The Office Management shall not liable, of any kind, for natural disaster, a fire which is not attributable to the Office Management, theft, or loss/damage of the entire or a part of the building as well as loss, damage, breakdown and repair of facilities.

- In the event where the Member violated provisions in this agreement or caused any damage to the said premises, regardless of whether or not this agreement is terminated, the Office Management can claim penalty to the Member. The claimable amount shall be determined through mutual consultation between both parties.

-Crosscoop has right to revise member fee sue to a fluctuation of the rents of the said building, increment of prices, taxes and public dues and other expenses, fluctuation of labor costs or other economic conditions.

- If there is any doubt regarding the matters not specified in this agreement as well as content of the agreement.

Billing Rate
Pay only for the time you use.
5.40 SGD
Per minute Per hour
Min. charge: 1.00 SGD
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Meeting Rooms

Meeting Room 1
75.00 SGD/ hour
3 People
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Meeting room 4
75.00 SGD/ hour
6 People
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Meeting room 5
75.00 SGD/ hour
4 People
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