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Monetize hybrid work

Boost your revenue by engaging new customer segments as a valued member of our workspace ecosystem.
Trusted by hundreds of innovative workspaces

Maximize your space's earning potential
with Deskimo

Generate revenue

Boost your revenue and workspace utilization by partnering with Deskimo. Draw in professionals seeking flexible hybrid work environments to your space.

On your own terms

Set your own pricing and content to align with our diverse demand. Connect with a global network of professionals, startups, and established companies to unlock your space's potential.

No extra work for you. Fully automated.

Real-time visibility

Track your workspace usage in real-time, receive monthly invoices and reports, and get paid automatically with Deskimo.

Set your own pricing and content

Adjust your pricing and content based on the demand to optimize your earnings. Any changes to your settings get instantly reflected on Deskimo.

Monetize your under-utilized space

Turn your under-utilized space into profitable assets

Monetize your under-utilized space by listing it on Deskimo. Generate additional revenue from your existing real estate assets.

Effortlessly list all of your workspace amenities

List all your workspace offerings on Deskimo, including hot desks, meeting rooms, private offices, dedicated desks, and event spaces.

Attract business clients

Companies need hybrid work solutions

Deskimo supports hybrid organizations and remote-first teams by providing access to our extensive network of workspace partners, empowering employees to work seamlessly from any location.

Businesses trust our curated workspaces

We select premium workspaces for their exceptional design and professionalism, offering our clients a diverse range of choices for their unique needs, including focus, collaboration, meetings, and presentations.

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Provide us with details about your workspace

Answer a few simple questions about your workspace and get started with a customized Deskimo setup in no time.

Review and publish your workspace profile with Deskimo

We will create a profile for your workspace, and once you are satisfied, you can go live and welcome Deskimo users.

Set up a Deskimo QR code scanner

We will dispatch a physical QR code scanner to your workspace to simplify the check-in and check-out process for the Deskimo guests. Installing it is easy and straightforward.


Get paid effortlessly

Let us do the work for you. Collect your payouts automatically and monitor transactions with Deskimo's consolidated monthly reports.

For all types of workspaces

Get in touch today to open your workspace to Deskimo users.

Coworking office

Serviced office

Traditional office

Trusted by hundreds of innovative workspaces

Become part of the Deskimo workspace ecosystem today

Join hundreds of workspaces monetizing their space with us.

Become part of the Deskimo workspace ecosystem today

Join hundreds of workplaces in the work-from-anywhere future.