Deskimo for Workspaces

Monetize work-from-anywhere

Drive revenue with new audiences by joining our ecosystem as a workspace partner.

Trusted by hundreds of innovative companies

Monetize your space

Increase revenue

increase revenue and workplace occupancy by listing with Deskimo. Bring professionals who need work-from-anywhere flexibility to your space.

On your own terms

You decide your capacity and pricing. Match your space with our demand and tap into an international userbase of professionals, startups and companies.

Attract business clients

Companies need remote office solutions

Deskimo empowers hybrid companies and distributed teams that go remote-first, enabling their employees to work from our network of office space partners.

Businesses trust our curated workspaces

We carefully select workspaces for design, layout and management. Choose between distinctive communities geared towards focus, collaboration, meetings and presentations.

Monetize unused space

Convert your under-utilized spaces for added revenue

Convert your under-utilized spaces into Deskimo workspaces. Gain additional revenue from your current real estate.

List all your workspace facility offerings easily

Hot desks, meeting rooms, private offices, dedicated desks, event spaces - list it all on Deskimo.

Complete control. Free to list.

Set Pricing and Capacity

Adjust pricing and capacity based on demand to optimize your earnings. Any changes to your setup instantly reflect on the Deskimo app.

No membership / setup costs

Listing your space on Deskimo is completely free, with no membership or setup costs. Make your inventory accessible to tens of thousands of Deskimo users.

Registering with Deskimo as a workspace partner is effortless.


Provide us with details about your workspace

With just a few simple questions related to your business, we’ll get you started straight away with a customised setup.

Review and publish your workspace profile

Ensure all information is correct and updated. Once it’s published, all Deskimo users will be able to find your workspace.

Set up a Deskimo QR code scanner

We’ll ship a physical QR code scanner to your office location. Installation is a piece of cake, and will allow a check-in and check-out process that’s a breeze for visitors.


Get paid effortlessly

We do all the legwork. You can collect your payout and monitor transactions with a consolidated monthly record.

For all kinds of workspaces

Get in touch today to open your space to professionals.

Co-working office

Serviced office

Traditional office

Trusted by hundreds of innovative businesses

Become part of the Deskimo workspace ecosystem today

Join hundreds of workplaces in the work-from-anywhere future.

Become part of the Deskimo workspace ecosystem today

Join hundreds of workplaces in the work-from-anywhere future.