Make hybrid work

Create a hybrid workplace your employees will love, with our intuitive plug-and-play workplace management solution. Get started in minutes, not weeks. 

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Smart workspace booking you will love

Nobody likes Excel spreadsheets or outdated tools.

Efficient office planning

Employees and teams can easily plan their office and  home office days and have them approved by their  superiors if required.

Employees can see when their colleagues are in the  office at any time and can easily coordinate meetings.

Transparency about your
hybrid office

Employees get the flexibility they need while companies retain control of their hybrid office.

Workplace managers can check utilisation and identify trends at any time to define their optimal office setup.

Regular surveys on productivity, workspace satisfaction and corporate culture lead to important insights about the workspace.

Boost networking in the office

Connecting with peers is the number one reason why  people go to the office.

Companies can foster culture and cross – departmental  bonds by automatically connecting employees in the  office and suggesting short informal meetings.

Statistics and reports provide an overview of how much  employees connect.

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