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What you can list

Requirements to list your office with Deskimo

1. Office furniture

Our users expect to be able to get productive work done during their visit, for which appropriate desks and chairs are a pre-requisite.

2. Privacy

Consider separating the Deskimo desks from the desks of your staff to avoid confidentiality issues.

3. Quiet space

Part of being able to focus is that the the noise level is minimal. Equally, dedicated areas for calls are recommendable (e.g. Zoom rooms)

4. F&B

If you have a pantry with free water, tea, coffee, and similar, that's a welcomed amenity by our users.

5. Fast wifi

Without a good internet connection, it's difficult to stay productive, hence a strong wifi signal and a fast connection is a must.

6. Avoid awkwardness

Our users are used to co-work with other people, but also expect to be welcomed by someone who explains the office setup to them.

How to list your office on Deskimo?

Get started in 4 simple steps

Step 1

Provide us details about your office

Share your office details including the location, capacity, availability, a few representative photos and other relevant information with us.
Step 2

Review and publish your office on Deskimo

After sharing your details, our team will verify the information for suitability and if approved, will create a profile for you on Deskimo. After signing a partnership agreement, your office space will be published for our users to book.
Step 3

Install a Deskimo QR code scanner

Installing a Deskimo QR code scanner is quick and easy, enabling effortless access management to your office space. Users can scan their code for a secure and seamless check-in process.
Step 4

Get paid at the end of each month

Deskimo pays you monthly for bookings through our secure system. Track earnings and view reports on our user-friendly platform. We handle payments and transactions, so that you can focus on managing your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I list my office space on Deskimo?

As hybrid work becomes more prevalent, you may have under-utilized office space that adds to ongoing rental costs. Deskimo offers a hassle-free and risk-free solution to help generate additional revenue and offset your fixed rental expenses.

What if my rental contract explicitly prohibits subletting?

Even if your rental contract prohibits subletting, you can still list your office on Deskimo. Our arrangement does not require you to sublet your space – instead, users will share your office during the day and only pay for the time they use it. It is similar to inviting guests to use your office.

My tenancy contract is over in a few months, can I still list it on Deskimo?

We expect a minimum duration of 3 months as it will take a few days to weeks for your listing to “warm up”, as Deskimo users will have visited and left reviews for your office you’ll organically see more and more visitors. However, if you have already moved to a new office and your old office is still furnished and ready to be worked from, that’s a great use case of our service.

I only have a handful of desks that I want to list on Deskimo, how can I ensure to not get overbooked?

We have the technical ability to restrict the number of desks and make the availability visible in real time on the Deskimo app. We can discuss how many desks you would like to list when we onboard your office to ensure you don’t have to send away visitors.

My office is in a residential area, a shophouse, outside the city center, or otherwise non-standard, is that an issue?

On the contrary, that’s great! We seek to list more workspaces outside of the traditional business districts as our users enjoy working close to their home or close to where their leisure activities take place. However, we are strict with regards to the quality (see requirements above) and we won’t be able to compromise on the basic conditions in favor of location.

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