10 Affordable Coworking Spaces in Singapore Charging Below $5/hr

July 16, 2021

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10 Affordable Coworking Spaces in Singapore Charging Below $5/hr

Faced with distracting home environments and desperate for a change in scenery, dozens of remote workers have been driven to local coffee shops in search of a peaceful work environment.

However, with the WFH crowd growing locally, it’s easy to get tired of crowded and noisy cafes. Not to mention, café customers often have to shell out between $6-$8 for a cup of coffee to just stay the hour.

Well why jostle for space when you can spend under $5 to work at a fully-equipped professional workspace? Here are 10 affordable coworking spaces in Singapore charging under $5/hr.

MOX @ *SCAPE – S$3/hr

Youthful, fun and casual, MOX @ *SCAPE is a creative hangout for professionals in search of a relaxed work environment.

Furnished with colourful couches, beanbags and a hammock, the space is a cozy oasis away from a stiff office setting . Whether you’re in need of a place to send out some emails or host a brainstorming session with your team, MOX @ *SCAPE is a comfortable hideaway for all.

affordable coworking spaces in Singapore
MOX provides a relaxed and informal space for all sorts of professionals

The workspace is also located near a variety of eateries and artisanal pop-up shops – perfect for when you need a short retail therapy break from work. MOX also has an exciting up-and-coming location at Oxley Road to look out for! 

Work at MOX @ *SCAPE – S$3/hr

  • Located at 2 Orchard Link, SCAPE, #01-02
  • Somerset MRT is the nearest MRT station

Garage Society Singapore – S$3.35/hr

Collaborative and community-centric, The Garage Society is another affordable coworking spaces in Singapore with an innovation hub located at Kallang Singapore.

The space offers brightly-lit coworking areas, meeting rooms, and event areas fully-equipped to support a variety of workstyle needs. It also features plenty of shared spaces such as its meeting pods and an open-air terrace overlooking the city; great for guests looking for a friendly networking environment.

affordable coworking spaces in Singapore
Garage Society has plenty of work desks, meeting pods and an outdoor terrace

Situated at Pico Creative Centre and located right next to Aperia Mall, guests at Garage Society have access to a wide range of amenities including eateries, gyms and childcare facilities. 

Work at Garage Society Singapore – S$3.35/hr

  • Located at 20 Kallang Avenue, Pico Creative Centre, Level 11 
  • Lavender and Kallang are the nearest MRT stations

The Common Ground – S$3.50/hr

A creative space designed for collaboration, The Common Ground boasts 5000 square feet of coworking area and it’s also one of the most affordable coworking spaces in Singapore.

Quiet and filled with plenty of natural light, the space is suited for guests who need to buckle down on important work. Its commodious environment also features plenty of shared work areas and meeting rooms for guests who need a more collaborative setting for team meetings.

affordable coworking spaces in Singapore
The Common Ground is a spacious and quiet workspace optimised for collaboration and brainstorming

From sound-proof phone booths, couches equipped with charging pods and side tables, to shared desks, The Common Ground offers its guests with a plethora of workstations. 

Work at The Common Ground – S$3.50/hr 

  • 12 Arumugam Road 
  • MacPherson (Exit B) is the nearest MRT station

Arcc Spaces, 75 High Street – S$3.60/hr

Arcc Spaces never disappoints when it comes to creating premium, upmarket work environments.

Newly renovated, Arcc Spaces 75 High Street provides its guests with a stylish and modern coworking space settled in Singapore’s busy central business district. The naturally-lit booth seats and shared desks on the first floor provide guests with plenty of fully-equipped, focus-ready workstations.

affordable coworking spaces in Singapore
Arcc Spaces 75 High Street is a polished and professional space

For a more private environment away from the bustle of the main street, the basement level of Arcc Spaces 75 High Street has plush couches, individual work desks and cozy nooks for guests to plug in and get to work at. Guests can also easily access the well-stocked coffee and snack bar (available on each level) if they’re in need of a complementary caffeine boost.

Work at Arcc Spaces 75 High Street – S$3.60/hr

  • Located at 75 High Street 
  • Clarke Quay and City Hall are the nearest MRT stations 

Crane – S$3.80/hr

Designed to be a social space, Crane is a hip coworking area that also serves as an active host for creative events in the local arts and culture scene.

It’s Instagrammable cafe-like interior makes it a comfortable space for collaboration and coffee chats. The space features plenty of work desks, lounge areas, meeting rooms and an inviting patio garden filled with lush greenery. Indeed, guests are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing their ideal work area.

Crane affordable coworking spaces in Singapore
Crane is a coworking space that doubles as an active host for creative events

Crane is also home to Kura Patisserie, a signature cafe serving up high calibre French pastries with a Japanese twist at affordable prices. Big F&B names such as PS Cafe, Jypsy and Common Man Coffee Roasters are also located a short walk away from Crane. 

Work at Crane – S$3.80 

  • Located at 46 Kim Yam Road 
  • Somerset and Fort Canning are the nearest MRT stations

The Executive Centre – S$2.80 to S$3.80

The Executive Centre manages a chain of beautiful contemporary coworking spaces overlooking Singapore’s central business district. Cosily-lit and fitted with luxurious interiors, its workspaces provide an inspiring environment for guests. 

The executive centre frasers towers affordable coworking spaces in Singapore
The Executive Centre Frasers Tower provides a good mix between lounge areas and work desks

All of The Executive Centre’s locations provide a good mix between focus-ready workstations and relaxed lounge areas designed for informal coffee chats. The spaces also provide private phone booths and meeting rooms suited for taking important calls and meetings. 

The executive centre gateway affordable coworking spaces in Singapore
The Executive Centre Gateway West has shared desks and a well-stocked pantry

Its branches at Frasers Tower and Ocean Financial Centre feature coffee bars that serve fresh coffee brewed from ethically-sourced coffee beans (Saucy Bean). Each cup of coffee is priced around $3, almost half of what you’d typically pay for at a cafe. What better way to start the work day than by sipping coffee over a view of the city centre? 

Work at The Executive Centre Ocean Financial Centre – S$3.80/hr

  • Level 37 & 40, Ocean Financial Centre
  • Raffles place is the nearest MRT station 

Work at The Executive Centre Frasers Tower – S$3.80/hr 

  • 182 Cecil St, Level 17 Frasers Tower
  • Tanjong Pagar is the nearest MRT station 

Work at The Executive Centre Gateway West – S$2.80/hr 

  • Level 35, The, 150 Beach Rd, Gateway West
  • Bugis is the nearest MRT station 

SpaceLabs @ Ang Mo Kio – S$3.80/hr

Not keen on town? SpaceLabs @ Ang Mo Kio is a coworking space located in the northern heartlands of Singapore. The space features rows of shared work desks each equipped with their own set of charging ports. Its flexi desks located by the windows also create naturally-lit work areas optimised for small team meetings. Private offices are also available for businesses which want their own reserved space.

SpaceLabs @ Ang Mo Kio coworking space
SpaceLabs @ Ang Mo Kio offers businesses fully-equipped workstations and direct access to their inventory

Situated within an industrial area, SpaceLabs provides its guests with a diversity of storage solutions. Whether it’s private storage or mini warehouses, SpaceLabs provides businesses with direct access to their inventory. 

Work at SpaceLabs @ Ang Mo Kio – S$3.80/hr 

  • Located at 38 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2
  • Ang Mo Kio is the nearest MRT station

City Serviced Offices – S$4/hr

Long for your old office but don’t miss the 5-day work week? City Serviced Offices provides fully-furnished office environments that afford guests private and professional environments to get to work at. 

The space features an abundance of dedicated desks equipped with charging ports, virtual offices and meeting rooms overlooking Singapore’s celebrated city skyline. The traditional office set-up provided by City Serviced Offices makes it a versatile option for different types of businesses in need of a quiet and professional workspace.

coworking spaces in Singapore
City Serviced Offices South Beach Tower offers a traditional office environment with a stunning view of Singapore’s city center

All three of City Serviced Offices’ locations are a short walk away from some of Singapore’s most iconic landmarks. Guests can also access a variety of amenities and F&B options at nearby shopping malls such as Raffles City, Suntec City and Millenia Walk. 

Work at City Serviced Offices South Beach Tower – S$4/hr

  • Located at 38 Beach Road, Level 30, South Beach Tower. 
  • City Hall (Exit A)  is the nearest MRT. Free Wi-Fi and coffee is available.

Work at City Serviced Offices, Republic Plaza Tower 1 – S$4/hr

  • Located at 9 Raffles Place, Level 58, Republic Plaza Tower 1
  • Raffles Place and Telok Ayer (Exit A) are the nearest MRT stations 

Work at City Serviced Offices, Republic Plaza Tower 2 – S$4/hr 

  • Located at 9 Raffles Place, Level 17, Republic Plaza Tower 2
  • Raffles Place (Exit D) is the nearest MRT station

Ucommune Singapore – S$3.50 to S$4.50

Situated at some of the most well-connected locations, Ucommune is another one of the most affordable coworking spaces in Singapore that provides professionals with sophisticated spaces that are both accessible and high class. Its open-concept approach to design makes its workspaces enhanced to boost productivity and creativity. 

Ucommune Bugis Junction coworking space
Ucommune Bugis Junction is a highly-accessible workspace with plenty of natural light and a city view

Ucommune’s four locations offer a broad range of work environments. Its three downtown locations provide a combination of traditional office workstations and coworking areas.

The OUE Downtown 2 and Suntec City branches also have added perks such as games areas, pool tables and lounge areas. All three locations also offer stunning views of the city and close proximity to multiple MRT lines. 

Ucommune Launchpad coworking space in Singapore
Ucommune Launchpad @ One-North is a collaborative space ideal of startups and small teams

Launchpad @ One-North, conversely, provides a more relaxed and collaborative environment, suitable for entrepreneurs and startups. Given its proximity to the National University of Singapore, the space is particularly suited for high technology businesses. 

Work at Ucommune Bugis Junction – S$4.50 

  • 230 Victoria Street, Level 15, Bugis Junction Towers
  • Bugis is the nearest MRT station 

Work at Ucommune OUE Downtown 2 – S$4.50 

  • 6 Shenton Way, #22-08, OUE Downtown 2
  • Tanjong Pajar is the Nearest MRT station 

Work at Ucommune Suntec City – $4.50 

  • 9 Temasek Boulevard, #07-00, Suntec Tower 2 
  • Promenade is the nearest MRT station 

Work at Ucommune Launchpad @ One-North – S$3.50 

  • 67 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #02-10/17
  • One-North is the nearest MRT station

The Hive – S$4.50/hr

A trendy space designed for creativity and collaboration, The Hive is suitable for professionals in need of a relaxed and inspiring work environment. Its spaces feature spacious, well-lit work areas and well-furnished lobbies ready to welcome diverse professionals from different backgrounds.

The Hive Carpenter coworking space
The Hive Carpenter features six floors of focus-ready work areas

Both its locations have cozy coffee lounges, perfect for relaxed meetups and informal coffee chats. The Hive Carpenter’s rooftop coffee bar in particular also serves up a beautiful view of the city. Its location at in the central business district also makes it an top option for busy professionals on-the-go.

The Hive Lavender is another affordable coworking spaces in Singapore that also offers a spacious coworking area which features plenty of dedicated desks and meeting rooms. Notably, it is equipped with a photography studio and design workshop, making it a one-stop space for creative and collaborative work. The Hive’s hospitable approach to coworking makes it a home to all.

Work at The Hive Carpenter – S$4.50

  • Located at 36 Carpenter Street, #2-01
  • Clarke Quay is the nearest MRT station

Work at The Hive Lavender – S$4.50

  • Located at Level 6, Vanguard Building, 1 Kallang Junction
  • Kallang is the nearest MRT station

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