3 Affordable Co-Working Spaces in the North of Singapore You Can’t Miss

February 3, 2023

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Stay in the North and need a quiet workspace nearby to catch up on work? Or just tired of working from home and feeling unproductive? Look no further! Check out these 3 affordable co-working spaces in the North that offer a conducive work environment and quality amenities. Say goodbye to cramped coffee shops and hello to comfortable, spacious workspaces that will boost your creativity and productivity. 

1. Wings of the Dawn

A cosy and conducive workspace tucked in the heart of Ang Mo Kio neighbourhood, Wings of the Dawn provides an ideal location for some quiet working time. It features comfortable furniture, ample lighting, and a clean, organised layout. There is also a pantry well-stocked with drinks and snacks. Need a break from work? Help yourself to the freeflow ice cream provided for all Deskimo users!

Located next to New Dawn Learning Studio, this space is the perfect waiting spot for parents fetching your children from tuition. For a small fee, you can hang around to catch up on some work while waiting for classes to end. 

Hourly rate: $4.50

Daily rate: $35.00

2. Staytion @ Marsiling

Staytion @ Marsiling offers a modern and professional working environment. The space features various amenities such as high-speed Wi-Fi, printing facilities, and private meeting rooms, just to name a few. The space is designed to promote productivity and creativity, with ergonomic furniture and a comfortable atmosphere. It is also conveniently located at Marsiling MRT, making it easily accessible via public transportation.

Hourly rate: $4.90

Daily rate: $29.00

3. GEX Ventures

GEX Ventures has a newly renovated office space located a stone’s throw away from Braddell MRT. A brightly-lit space fully-fitted with comfortable furnishings and a range of essential amenities, this coworking space is the perfect environment for conducive and productive work. Whether you need a private meeting room or a quiet place to focus, GEX Ventures has got you covered. It is also highly spacious, making the environment more comfortable to work in. With the many desks available, you can easily get a seat to work at.

Hourly rate: $4.00

Daily rate: $25.00

These affordable co-working spaces, situated close to mass transit stations, offer ease of access and convenience not only for those living in the North but also for anyone seeking a change of scenery. They boast cost-effectiveness, with all locations priced at less than $5 per hour. The pay-per-minute billing system helps keep expenses low, particularly for those who do not utilise the space for an entire hour.

If you want to get some work done without the distractions at home, check out Deskimo, an instant hot-desk and meeting room booking app. With Deskimo, you can easily gain access to these conducive workspaces in the North, as well as so many other places all over Singapore. Choose from large, professionally-run offices in the Central Business District area or smaller, cosy workspaces in the heartlands based on your needs and preferences. 

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