3 coworking spaces in Singapore to meet for a great first impression on your clients and investors.

March 29, 2022

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According to research, you only have 27 seconds to make an impression on someone new. Out of that 27 seconds, a Forbes article suggests that entrepreneurs only get seven seconds to make a solid first impression. 

While people will judge you based on your traits, such as whether you seem trustworthy or confident, your environment matters. When you meet your clients or the people who will fund your projects, it’s essential to make an excellent first impression. Since they do not know you very well, they might form a judgement of you based on your choice of environment to meet your new contacts. 

That means you have to choose where you would like to set up your first meeting very thoughtfully. To help you decide, we’ve shortlisted three of our co-working spaces in Singapore and highlighted the benefits of each one. 

1. A co-working space with spectacular views: Found8(Tanjong Pagar)

Having a great view and a lot of sunlight as part of your working environment brings many benefits. 

Research shows that workplaces that incorporate natural elements, like greenery and sunlight, leads to a 6% boost in productivity and a 15% boost in creativity. When you are working remotely, you might not experience the benefits of being able to see the outside world. A change in the working environment can lead to sharper focus, creativity, reduced stress, and higher productivity.

A panoramic view of your surroundings and skyline means you and your clients can experience these benefits. It sets a calm, meditative tone for the meeting. 

More importantly, seeing the skyline when pitching to a client projects a confident, ambitious image. 

When seen at a distance‚ the skyline indicates a city’s size and economic importance. It also symbolises the city’s power‚wealth‚ and prosperity.

So, there is no better place to hold the meeting than Found8 in Tanjong Pagar, which overlooks the Keppel Harbour and has a 360-degree view of Singapore’s skyline. 

Stepping into the expansive space on the 23rd story says you mean business. Your clients and investors will appreciate the calming views of the outside world, a subtle nod to the heights that your project can achieve. 

2. Show off your work-life balance at a co-working space with a games room (Ucommune Shenton Way)

When you’re meeting your clients or investors, the last thing you want to do is to be interrupted or disorganised. If you hold your meeting at a cafe, there are many possible interruptions and space is limited to a cafe desk.

That’s why a co-working space with hotdesking and meeting room options is better. 

First of all, hot desks always have power outlets and WiFi connections. So you do not have to hunt for a power plug if your laptop is out of battery. You do not need to worry about noise too. There are designed spaces away from the desk for calls in shared co-working spaces.

Secondly, you can also book meeting rooms in shared co-working spaces through our Deskimo app

These meeting rooms usually have projectors and television monitors so that you can present your pitch on a wide screen to your potential clients and investors. When you need to print the latest meeting minutes, a shared central printer is also nearby. These details scream at how organised you are, and by extension, so is your business. 

Better still, if you pitch to a client whose products and services are all about wellness and work-life balance, find a co-working space with an added games area and lots of spacious seating areas. These communal seating areas hint at how much of a team player you can be, and the games area also suggests that you value work-life balance.

The OUE Downtown 2 space at Shenton Way is one such co-working space. It has a vibrant environment with cosy seating areas and private lounges that are bookable with our Deskimo app. It also has a games area for those looking to relax before or even after the pitch! 

When you hold your meeting there, you are signalling to your guests how much you value leisure time in your life, which is a quality some companies prioritise. For a good reason too, since it is well-known that many good ideas occur when we take a break from work for a good reason.

3. Don’t make it too difficult for them to find you – look for a conveniently located place like Executive Centre at Fraser Tower. 

If you’re not meeting your clients or investors via Zoom, you want them to be able to look for you quickly. While it does not take more than an hour to travel from the West to the East of Singapore, you still should not look for a meeting area that is inaccessible.

While many co-working spaces are located near MRT stations, you might want to consider the modern-looking Executive Center at Fraser Tower. Located next to Tanjong Pagar MRT and within walking distance of Telok Ayer MRT, the building is the gateway to Singapore’s central business district. 

Indeed, as you walk from the MRT station to the building, you will encounter a fascinating mix of modern urban architecture and traditional heritage shop buildings. Your guests will enjoy a short peek into the visual history of Singapore while on their walk. Raffles Place and Marina Bay financial districts are only a minute’s walk away, perfect for many offices located in that area. 

Your meeting partners will not have an issue looking for the place, nor will they hesitate to sink into the plush sofa chairs at the hot seating. If you want more privacy, you can also book the meeting rooms. The high ceilings with chandelier lighting and oak furniture will impress your guests with how serious you are about taking your business to new heights. 


 These co-working spaces with unique features will help you facilitate your next meeting with important guests. With only seven seconds to make an impression, you’ll want to find a co-working space that extends your personality. Your clients can see whether they feel comfortable working with you. 

Best of all, if you book via the Deskimo app, you have so many choices for a meeting with potential clients and investors. Whether you need a formal meeting space or something more vibrant and creative, there are plenty of coworking options that you can choose from on the app. 

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