5 Simple Alternatives to Working From Home

July 28, 2021

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5 Simple Alternatives to Working From Home

After months of working alone from home, many have had enough of their home office. Whether it’s disruptive home environments or simply the need to connect with others, many professionals are in need of a change of scenery. For these remote and hybrid workers, it’s now time to consider other alternatives to working from home.

Cafes have long stepped in as the intermediary location between home and the office. For many remote professionals, the soft buzz of coffee shops has become part of their workday. However, with more professionals being moved onto flexible work arrangements, many remote workers have been driven to local cafes in search of peaceful work environments. This means that cafes can often be overcrowded, noisy, and poorly optimised for everyday work needs. 

Additionally, with tightened COVID-19 restrictions on dine-ins and strict safe-distancing measures, many F&B outlets (including cafes) have simply been unable to operate for prolonged periods. 

If you’re loving the flexibility of remote work arrangements but find your home set-up tedious, here are 5 quick alternatives to working from home!

Coworking Spaces

The global coworking space market is expected to grow from $7.97 billion in 2020 to $8.14 billion in 2021. From fully-equipped hotdesks overlooking city skylines to fun offices, coworking spaces have been in hot demand over the past few years. 

Unlike cafes or open public spaces, coworking spaces provide a complete office set-up furnished with rest areas and key amenities (free Wi-Fi, showers, pantry areas, on-site concierge support etc.). Beyond its tangible offerings, coworking spaces are also a great way for remote workers to network and stay connected to a community of like-minded professionals. 

While some coworking day passes or monthly packages can come pricey, pay-as-you-go platforms allow you to work from a host of professional coworking spaces for as low as $2 USD. Spend some time to research a space that best suits your needs and personal preferences. 

Coworking Cafes

We’re all familiar with the shortcomings of cafe working. The shortage of shared charging ports or chairs with poor back-support are just some of the hindrances of working from a cafe. Not to mention, some cafes just don’t have the seating capacity to accommodate guests for long-periods of time. 

Coworking cafes were designed to provide guests with a collaborative community while maintaining the comforting ambience of a cafe.

Unlike their conventional counterparts, coworking cafes offer on-site technical support and spacious shared desks fitted with an abundance of charging stations. Some of these coworking cafes even allow guests to make advanced reservations if they’re planning a workday at the cafe. 

alternatives to working from home
Crane at Kim Yam Road

Alternatively, if you’re just looking for a quick coffee break or a place to grab a working lunch. Coworking cafes are a great option too! Check out Crane at Kim Yam Road for a chic cafe coworking environment!


Forget staycations, with vacations put on hold, workations are the next big thing. Many hotels have stepped up to offer work-from-hotel packages. Guests can typically enjoy free-flow coffee, affordable set lunches and well-lit work stations throughout the day. 

Hotels are an appealing option for remote professionals who want to get away from the bustle of the central business district. The hospitality perks of a hotel coupled with a vacation-like setting provides an invigorating twist to the workday.

alternatives to working from home
Furama RiverFront’s lobby has been transformed into a coworking space.

Singapore’s Furama RiverFront is an example of a hotel which has optimised its tropical-chic lobby for coworking. Guests can power through their workday while having appetising meal sets served to their table.

Public Spaces

Looking for free desk space and complimentary Wi-Fi? College campuses are a great example of conducive public spaces that don’t charge a cent. Designed for learning, college campuses are often fitted with plenty of shared desks and collaborative areas, perfect for when you need a place to brainstorm or stop-by for a call. 

Public libraries and community centres are also viable workstations. Similarly, these spaces are often quiet and equipped with air conditioning, suitable for focus-ready work. 

Notably, one of the best things about shared public amenities is their close proximity to public transport options and eateries which makes them particularly accessible for busy professionals on-the-go. 

Communal Work-from-Home (WFH) sessions

Planning work-from-home (WFH) sessions with friends and family at your place (or theirs!) can be a great way to add some colour to remote work. Part of what remote professionals miss are the everyday social interactions made during in-person office time. Undeniably, work relationships are still important to employee well-being. 

Whether it’s chatting about the woes of office life or catching up on each other’s personal lives, the workday certainly feels a lot less lonely when you’re sharing it with others. 

More importantly, you don’t have to limit yourself to WFH dates within your immediate social circle. Part of the joy of flexible work is being able to choose where and who you want to work with. Taking the initiative to get to know your coworkers over a joint work session can help form crucial workplace friendships despite the decentralisation of the office. 

Of course not all homes are optimised for working from home productively. Nonetheless, there are still plenty of alternatives at your fingertips!

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