5 Ways to Effectively Prepare for Flexible Work Arrangements

November 23, 2021
flexible work arrangement

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5 Ways to Effectively Prepare for Flexible Work Arrangements

The demand for flexible work arrangements is rapidly increasing each day. But the work setup itself is not the main concern. After all, it would all come down to productivity, the well-being and morale of employees, and how the company could benefit from such an arrangement.

According to Feon Ang, managing director for Asia Pacific at LinkedIn, “While flexibility is in-demand among employees and business leaders, it needs to be thoughtfully implemented to ensure that we meet the challenges that come with it head-on. Leaders must think about employee engagement, development opportunities, and career progression through a new lens – one that puts people first and not location.”

Even after the pandemic, the nature of work seems to never be the same again. Remote work is sure to stay. And every day, the global workforce demands flexible work arrangements. Among the leading industries are IT, accounting and finance, customer service, and sales. With the help of tech tools that bridge communication gaps, flexible work arrangements are the only ticket towards the future of work.

5 Ways to Prepare for FWA

Here are 5 ways you can effectively prepare for flexible work arrangements:

1. Good Leadership Above Everything

Leadership is much needed when a company is operating in a flexible work arrangement. No matter how good the policies and the work environment are, employees will ultimately follow what they see in their leaders. So if you’re leading the new work setup, be a good example. After all, policies and structure won’t last if leaders aren’t capable of leading their teams.

2. Train Managers

To make sure that everything is constantly applied and executed, train your managers. Moreover, don’t just focus on what’s needed, but also encourage healthy work relationships. Train your managers to understand each employee so they can relate to them on a deeper level.

3. Define What Productivity Entails

Productivity can be at a checkpoint when operating on a flexible work arrangement. Additionally, KPIs are also difficult to measure when there is no clear objective, process, or desired goal at the end of the day. For some companies, it can be the tracked hours and numbers of projects completed. For others, it can be otherwise. But at the end of the day, it’s still the goals accomplished and how employees feel about them that define productivity.

4. Maintain the Same Level of Professionalism

Even if they are working away from the office and no managers are looking, encourage employees to maintain the same level of professionalism. Surely enough, flexibility has given employees a work-life balance, but that doesn’t mean not being at work when participation is needed. Moreover, accountability should always be observed when handling things.

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5. Tailor Policies To Each Employee

Some employers were forced to operate in a flexible work arrangement with no real plan when the pandemic hit. While it works out for some, it really doesn’t guarantee productivity and success. That’s why it’s important to assess each employee’s concerns and preferences. Some may want to continue working from home, while others may simply want to go back to the office with some adjustments.

Final Thoughts

Effectively implementing flexible work arrangements takes a lot of effort and cooperation from both sides. But even so, united with one goal. Flexible work arrangements are here to stay, and employees are leading this movement from all around the world.

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