The Top 8 Essentials for Building Your Own Home Office Workstation

June 17, 2022
The Top 8 Essentials for Building Your Own Home Office Workstation

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The Top 8 Essentials for Building Your Own Home Office Workstation

Have you been meaning to build your own home office workstation since you started working remotely? Discover with us the 8 essentials to building your home workstation that get you productive throughout the day!

Build Your Dream Workstation With These WFH Essentials

1. A Flexible Work Desk

Your body sometimes craves movement or simply doesn’t want to work at its usual position; a flexible work desk will make a change. It’s even better when you can adjust it depending on which angle you want to work at, be it facing the garden or looking at the webcam.

Flexible desk in building your own home office workstation.
Image: Amazon

2. Reading Lighting

Improperly lit environments for laptop work may cause eye strain and headaches, and you risk the chance of getting your work wrong. After all, you wouldn’t want to get your work messed up by a simple lighting problem.

Task lighting in building your WFH workstation.
Image: Amazon

3. Home Coffee Station

For many, a day of work wouldn’t be possible without a cup of coffee fuel to switch on the thinking engine. Your work from home essentials should include a home office station with a Nespresso machine.

Coffee machine or Nespresso for WFH workstation.
Image: Amazon

4. The Ultra-Fitted Ergonomic Chair

You might want to start investing in ergonomic chairs if you’re always on your laptop and sitting all day long. These chairs support postures, reduce neck pain, relieve hip pressure, and boost blood circulation, leading to fewer painful and sore work hours.

Ergonomic chair for building a home workstation.
Image: Amazon

5. Noise Canceling Headphones

Still having trouble with background noises when you need concentration? A pair of noise-canceling headphones will do the trick. No more work interruptions and pauses with the earbuds.

Noise-canceling headphones is an essential tool for building your own workstation.
Image: Amazon

6. Laptop Stand

It doesn’t feel good with your body sitting uncomfortably for long hours because of the fixed angle of the laptop screen. Consider buying a laptop stand instead to adjust your angle. They’re even good for standing while working.

Image: Amazon

7. Green Plants

Did you know that the color green can boost creativity? It’s even better if those are green from plants. Plants give oxygen, maintain the feeling of freshness, improve your mood, and let your creative juices flow. Get yourself some lemongrass diffusers if plants are too much to ask.

Get a few green plants to improve mood, boost creativity, and maintain a feeling of freshness.
Image: Amazon

8. Bluetooth speaker 

Tune into your favorite music to spice up your productivity. It’s a great way to stay on track and cross off those to-do lists at the end of the day. Want to play some jazz or rock?

Play your favourite music using a bluetooth speaker.
Image: Amazon

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Final Thoughts

The essence of a home workstation is to have a comfortable place to work away from distractions. It’s also a place where you can focus and work on your goals, be productive, creative, or even close deals online. There’s no need to be fancy as long as you can do your work. But if you can afford some equipment upgrades and decorations, they will be great add-ons.

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