8 Places To Work From If You Miss The Office

October 4, 2021

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8 Places To Work From If You Miss The Office

Locked out from your office due to tightened Covid-19 safe distancing measures? Can’t seem to get any work done from home? Pandemic fatigue and distracting home office environments are everyday obstacles professionals around the world face. Thankfully, Deskimo offers many professional intermediary workspaces re-create the privacy and functionality of conventional office spaces. Here are 8 close alternatives to your conventional office environment. 

City Serviced Offices, South Beach Tower

City Serviced Offices South Beach Tower provides a fully-furnished office environment equipped with on-site concierge support, a fully-stocked pantry and spacious fixed desks with built-in charging ports. This makes the space ideal for professionals in need of a private, conventional office space. 

City Serviced Offices’ lobby offers a stunning view of the skyline
Professional desk set-up equipped with charging ports and spacious work areas

Located on the 30th floor of the iconic South Beach Tower, City Serviced Offices also provides a stunning view of Singapore’s skyline. 

Work at City Service Offices, South Beach Tower for S$4/hr on Deskimo. 

Ezsy Space

In need of a proper desk set-up? Ezsy Space provides professionals with ergonomic chairs and naturally-lit work stations. The generous desk space afforded to guests creates a clutter-free and conducive working environment, perfect for when you need to buckle down on an upcoming deadline. 

Ezsy Space offers a inspiring, naturally lit work space

Perched on the 23rd floor of The Central Office, Ezsy Space provides a postcard-perfect view of the Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore River that will be sure to inspire your workday. 

Work at Ezsy Space for S$5/hr on Deskimo.

Ravel Innovation

Chic, functional and accessible, Ravel Innovation is the option for professional on-the-go. The space provides all the professional amenities any office worker might need, while maintaining a comfortable work environment for all. The space boasts lounge areas, game areas, a shared pantry and plenty of professional fixed desks equipped with charging stations. 

Ravel Innovation’s workspaces are fitted with whiteboards, charging stations and spacious desks
Ravel Innovation’s lounge and game area

Most of all, Ravel Innovation’s appeal stems from its centrality and accessibility. Located within Cuppage terrace and right across 313@Somerset, Ravel Innovation is connected to a host of malls, eateries and public transport routes. 

Work at Ravel Innovation for just S$5.40/hr on Deskimo.

The Executive Centre

The Executive Centre prides itself on being a premium address for success. Two of its downtown branches – The Executive Centre Ocean Financial Centre and The Executive Centre Frasers Tower, provide office environments optimised to meet the needs of everyday professionals. It is worth noting that both locations take a more open-concept approach towards coworking spaces. However, The Executive Centre’s state-of-the-art design and top-notch customer service ensures that the individual professionals needs of each guest is card for. 

The Executive Centre Ocean Financial Centre
The Executive Centre Frasers Tower

Located at the heart of the Central Business District, The Executive Centre still keeps you at the center of where the action is and keeps you connected to a wider network of like-minded professionals. 

Work at The Executive Centre Ocean Financial Centre for S$4.80 on Deskimo. 

Work at The Executive Centre Frasers Tower for S$3.80 on Deskimo.

Arcc Spaces One Marina Boulevard

Have an important client to impress? Or simply in need of an inspiring work environment? Arcc Spaces has an unrivalled bird’s eye view of the city, complemented with a luxurious interior. What makes Arcc Spaces stand out is its balance between shared spaces and quiet, private work areas – each exquisitely designed to serve guests’ professional needs. 

Shared work areas offer a view of Marina Bay, Singapore
Private work areas provide individualised desks

Guests can look forward to naturally-lit work desks, refined lounge areas and top-notch service (inclusive of an on-site concierge team and complimentary barista-brewed coffee). 

Work at Arcc Spaces One Marina Boulevard for S$5.10/hr on Deskimo.

Changi Lounge

Moving further east, Changi Lounge provides a tranquil workspace nestled at the iconic Jewel. Guests can soak up the atmosphere of Singapore award-winning Changi Airport from the comfort of their work desk. Changi Lounge affords guests with a quiet and private space – Desks are spacious and equipped with charging ports.

Changi Lounge has a wide array of work areas for guests to choose from

Additionally, Jewel Changi Airport is also home to more than a hundred restaurants and eateries. Guests at Changi Lounge never worry about accessing reliable food chain favourites

Work at Changi Lounge for S$7.20/hr on Deskimo.

Ucommune, OUE Downtown 2

Situated at some of the most well-connected downtown locations, Ucommune provides professionals with sophisticated spaces that are both accessible and affordable. Ucommune OUE Downtown 2 offers a classic yet corporate environment to match its location, at the heart of the central business district of Singapore. From spacious seating areas, private phone booths, to free tea and coffee, Ucommune OUE Downtown 2 ensures that guests have a worry-free workday.

Ucommune OUE Downtown 2’s luxurious lobby
Work areas are fitted with charging ports and ergonomic chairs

Work at Ucommune OUE Downtown 2 – S$4.50 on Deskimo.

The Working Capitol

Home to fintechs and a diverse family of start-ups, The Working Capitol is a unique coworking space situated along Keong Saik Road. The historic heritage building it is housed in was once an old biscuit factory once bustling with factory workers. Today, the space is a popular choice among co-workers and remote workers.

The Working Capitol has plenty of natural light and a relaxed work environment

If you’re keen on an entrepreneurial environment that emulates the buzz of the office , The Working Capitol provides you with private spaces while keeping you connected to a wider network of professionals.

Work from The Working Capitol for S$6.80/hr on Deskimo.

About Deskimo

Deskimo is the flexible work platform of choice that helps businesses navigate the new future of work. With us, you and your business can adapt to flexible work, and pay-as-you-go across dozens of spaces in Singapore and Hong Kong. 

*Our workspaces are currently safe, open and ready for your return. Do adhere to local Covid-19 safety measures to keep yourself, and other workspace patrons safe.

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