Affordable & Flexible: How Healint Leveraged FlexiOffice for Hybrid Work

November 22, 2023

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There is no doubt that the future of work is flexible. Companies are increasingly seeking workspace arrangements that adapt to their evolving business needs rather than the other way around. Healint, a Singapore company that develops the precision medicine platform behind Migraine Buddy, the world’s most popular app to track chronic pain  and empower people with their embedded AI, realized this firsthand through their experience with a traditional private office. We spoke to their CTO Thomas Gorissen to understand how Deskimo’s FlexiOffice helped transform their operations.

Saying Goodbye to Fixed Leases

As a growing, young company, every dollar saved is crucial for Healint to continue investing in great people to join the mission to reduce chronic pain in the world. Like many companies, they were struggling with underutilized office space that sat idle most days of the week. At the same time, work-from-home policies were gaining traction as a way for employees to balance work and personal lives.

“With a team of 10 scattered all across Singapore and only going to the office twice a week, our traditional full-time office simply didn’t make sense financially or logistically. We were paying for space that remained empty 3 days a week. When we learned about Deskimo’s pay-per-use FlexiOffice model and saw the offered work-space options, it was a no-brainer.” shared Thomas. Furthermore, with WeWork struggling financially, Healint worried that their future deposits could be forfeited or they may be asked to suddenly vacate if they signed up for a long-term full-time private office at a coworking space, as has happened to tenants in the US and Canada recently. This led Healint to seek a more flexible and reliable office solution.

Few-days-a-week Private Office

Now through FlexiOffice, Healint leverages a thoughtfully structured setup. Every Tuesday and Thursday, their HQ team of 10 enjoys a centrally-located private office in a premium location. Well-appointed with ample tables and a glass-walled conference room that seats 10, it’s perfect for all meetings, brainstorms and collaborative projects. On top of that, they enjoy a great view of the Marina Bay. 

This dedicated office space comes fully equipped and even allowed the team to use their external  monitors, which was an essential requirement for Healint’s team. Thomas shares, “Deskimo’s flexibility in providing space for monitors and meeting rooms as-needed has ensured we have everything required to get work done efficiently.” He continues, “some companies think they need full-time private offices simply to store equipment like monitors, but Deskimo’s ability to provide  flexibility  as required proves this isn’t necessary.”The rest of each week is spent working remotely or can occasionally book desks at other Deskimo locations near clients or their homes. “This right-sized approach means that we only pay for our private office for the days that we actually use it and complement it with on-demand options, rather than paying full rent for an office sitting empty half of the time like before,” Thomas stated.

Cost Savings, Increased Productivity & More

The cost savings and productivity gains from switching to Deskimo’s FlexiOffice were immediate and substantial for Healint. By only paying for the 2 days the team needs the office space, Healint has realized more than 50% savings on their office rental costs compared to their previous permanent office lease. These dramatic savings can now be reinvested in strategic areas to grow the company staff, improve client services, and invest in new features. 

Beyond the cost benefits, the FlexiOffice arrangement has helpedHealint’s productivity. The team now has the perfect balance of in-office time for collaboration during their 2 designated FlexiOffice days, while also having 3 days for individual focused work whether at home or at another convenient Deskimo location near where employees live or near client sites. This hybrid schedule and cost efficiency have given Healint more room to thrive.

Flexible Office for a Flexible Future

With unmatched adaptability and financial benefits, it’s no wonder Healint’s CTO “would absolutely recommend to check out FlexiOffice and Deskimo to others.” Their story proves the future of work is flexible. 

Are you ready to transform your company’s workspace in the same way? If the answer is yes, send us an inquiry now and leave us to find the perfect workspace for your needs.

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