Collaborating In A Hybrid Work Model: How Safe Space™ Utilizes a Flexible Workplace App

May 22, 2023

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In today’s dynamic work environment, managing a hybrid team across different countries presents unique challenges. Safe Space™, the leading trusted B2B2C digital mental health ecosystem partner, faced the task of fostering team cohesion and maintaining productivity among its hybrid team of 15 people. We spoke to Antoinette Patterson, co-founder, and Kyryl Daud, head community manager, to explore how Safe Space™ effectively addressed these challenges by leveraging Deskimo, a cost-effective and flexible office solution in Singapore.

What were the main challenges faced by Safe Space™ in managing a hybrid team and office arrangement prior to Deskimo?

Antoinette: One of the main challenges we faced at Safe Space™ was fostering team bonding and collaboration within a hybrid team, where employees were spread across different countries. It was important to ensure that all team members could join and not feel left out or isolated.

Kyryl: Another challenge we encountered was maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Working from home can sometimes blur the boundaries between work and personal life. To address this, having the option to work from the office at least once a week allowed us to establish a clear separation between work and home. When the clock strikes 6 pm, we shut down our laptops and prepare to leave the office, which is not always easy to do when working from home. Additionally, Deskimo has been instrumental in our efforts by providing access to various co-working spaces. This allows us to easily move between different locations for in-person meetings, ensuring we have a dedicated workspace equipped with essential amenities such as a desk, chair, and Wi-Fi.

How has Deskimo helped your startup with regards to budget and flexibility in terms of office space arrangements?

Antoinette: Deskimo has made it a lot more cost-effective for Safe Space™ to manage our cash flow and support our team in having a wide variety of offices to go to.

Kyryl: It’s definitely cost-effective as we get complete access to WiFi and even the pantry of these centres.

How does Deskimo support Safe Space™ in managing its hybrid workforce and maintaining a sense of connectedness and community?

Antoinette: As we have compulsory work from the office on Mondays, it allows our team in Singapore to book a central location space and come in on other days whenever they want easily. It is therefore very cost-effective for SafeSpace™ as a growing business to be charged when the credits are being used. During birthdays and public holiday celebrations, it gives us a space to meet up and celebrate with our team in person. We’d love to see more community initiatives from Deskimo for our team to attend.

Would you recommend Deskimo to other startups and businesses looking for a cost-effective and flexible office solution in Singapore?

Antoinette: Yes, I would. It is based on discounted credits to help justify your costs and there is a wide variety of offices to explore. I really enjoy using Deskimo to explore various co-working spaces when I’m stuck in a creative rut or if I need a space to work during the night.

Kyryl: Yes, as it helps remote/hybrid teams to be connected and provides a space to collaborate, albeit once a week. Plus, you get to meet and connect with other Deskimo members from other companies and network with them. I absolutely enjoy using Deskimo as it is convenient, even the check-in process is seamless, and I truly enjoy the centre that I am working from, which is The Hive on North Bridge Road.

By leveraging Deskimo, Safe Space™ successfully navigated the challenges of managing a hybrid workforce, strengthening team cohesion, and supporting employee well-being. The partnership with Deskimo empowered Safe Space™ to establish a thriving work environment, ultimately contributing to their mission of providing accessible mental healthcare services to organizations worldwide.

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