Deskimo launches in Malaysia

April 4, 2023
Deskimo launches in Malaysia

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We are thrilled to announce that Deskimo, Asia’s leading pay-per-minute app for flexible access to co-working spaces, has expanded its services to Malaysia, becoming the fifth market to which our platform offers its services. With this expansion, we aim to revolutionize the way Malaysians access co-working spaces, offering hybrid and remote workers an innovative way to find and book workspaces.

App overview of Deskimo in Kuala Lumpur
Deskimo launches with almost 20 locations across Malaysia

As more companies adopt flexible work arrangements and employees seek productive, collaborative environments, our arrival in Malaysia is particularly significant. Our platform enables users to access workspaces on-demand, eliminating the need for long-term leases and offering an alternative to the limitations of working from home. Deskimo’s arrival in Malaysia is part of our broader strategy to become the premier platform for on-demand workspace solutions in Southeast Asia.

We will go live with 16 locations across Malaysia, providing hybrid and remote workers with a broad network of independent workspaces. This expansion will enable Malaysians to access co-working spaces easily and conveniently, providing a seamless, cost-effective workspace solution for anyone who requires it.

Raphael Cohen, Deskimo Co-Founder, said: “We are excited to introduce Deskimo to Malaysia and address the growing need for accessible, on-demand workspace solutions. Our expansion into Malaysia aims to provide a seamless, cost-effective workspace solution for anyone who requires it.”

Special Launch Promotion

To celebrate the launch, we are offering a special promotion for the first 50 Malaysian-based companies that open a Deskimo business account. These companies will enjoy a 20% discount on their initial credit purchase, making it even more convenient to experience the service.

Deskimo is also an ideal option for business travelers from Singapore, Hong Kong, or Jakarta visiting Kuala Lumpur. The platform enables them to easily access an office extension, ensuring they remain productive and connected while on the move.

Deskimo allows pre-bookings via web or app, and the Deskimo app serves as key to access the coworking space

We offer a range of workspaces, including hot desks, private offices, and meeting rooms, catering to individuals and businesses of all sizes. The platform’s success can be attributed to our user-friendly platform, no-membership access model, and transparent pricing for all available workspace options.

Our entry into the Malaysian market is a significant milestone for us, and we aim to continue expanding our services in Southeast Asia, providing flexible workspace solutions for people and businesses in the region. Whether you’re a local seeking a workspace solution or a business traveler in need of an office extension, Deskimo has got you covered.

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Meet Deskimo

Deskimo is a platform that connects professionals with on-demand workspaces, enabling them to find and book hot desks, meeting rooms, and other facilities in real-time.

Find a workspace wherever you are
Find your ideal office within walking distance from Deskimo’s diverse and distributed network of locations.
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Deskimo workspaces are as ready as you are. Find a workspace when you need it, with instant check-in.
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No subscriptions or commitments. With Deskimo, pay only for the time that you use, not a minute more.