Deskimo launches in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

November 29, 2022
Deskimo App on Mobile and Web

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The pandemic has transformed the way we work and many companies have embraced hybrid and remote work as default engagement mode with their workforce. Employees and employers both benefit from a hybrid work setup: Companies can reduce office square footage and free up cash flow, of which some can be invested into employee benefits to attract and retain talents. Employees benefit from a more flexible lifestyle by not having to commute to a corporate office to work. A city and the general public benefits from less commuters, which reduces traffic.

While there are strong benefits of hybrid and remote work, not everyone has a great home office setup or simply prefers to work from outside their home to not blend their work and leisure environments. This has given rise to many new co-working locations and professionally managed workspaces have seen a boom in Dubai.

With 90% of UAE employees wanting to work remotely or in hybrid environments, the demand for desks at flexible non-corporate offices is unbroken. Deskimo, Asia’s leading workspace aggregator app recognized this demand and has chosen Dubai as their first city in the GCC to expand to.
Companies that have set up a business account on give a budget to their employees to use at any of the offices listed on the mobile app. Remote employees can get immediate access to all co-working spaces simply by downloading the app and setting up a profile.

List of office options in the United Arab Emirates on Deskimo

Deskimo has built a network of independent workspaces across the United Arab Emirates and makes them accessible via mobile app. It has partnered with workspaces such as Nook, Servcorp, Unbox, myOffice, The Place, The Executive Center, and many more. For these operators, Deskimo is a way to open their offices to a new audience of hybrid working professionals that would not normally purchase a monthly membership as they only irregularly require access to external workspaces.

“On average, our users stay for 4 hours at a workspace and use the app 2-3 times per week”, says co-founder Christian Mischler. “Most use the application to stay productive in between meetings or when they need to get deep work done but have a home office that does not let them focus due to distractions at home or disturbances in the building” he continues.

Deskimo is launching in the United Arab Emirates today with plans to add other cities in the region in the near future. To celebrate the launch of the service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Deskimo is adding AED 120 credit to every employee account of a business that joins Deskimo before the end of the year. Companies that want to redeem the offer open a free business account here in four simple steps:

Individual users who would like to test Deskimo for free can redeem the voucher code HELLODUBAI50 to get AED 50 off their first usage at any of the Dubai and Abu Dhabi workspaces listed on the app.

The app is available for free on both iOS and Android.

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Meet Deskimo

Deskimo is a platform that connects professionals with on-demand workspaces, enabling them to find and book hot desks, meeting rooms, and other facilities in real-time.

Find a workspace wherever you are
Find your ideal office within walking distance from Deskimo’s diverse and distributed network of locations.
No need to reserve ahead of time
Deskimo workspaces are as ready as you are. Find a workspace when you need it, with instant check-in.
Never pay

for unused time
No subscriptions or commitments. With Deskimo, pay only for the time that you use, not a minute more.