Deskimo Soft Launches in Bangkok, Thailand

April 24, 2024

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We are excited to announce Deskimo’s soft launch in the vibrant city of Bangkok, Thailand! This expansion is part of our ongoing mission to provide professionals and businesses with flexible, on-demand access to workspace solutions.

Bangkok, known for its bustling streets and dynamic business environment, is now home to a variety of Deskimo’s coworking spaces and private offices tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern professionals and organizations. Our platform allows users to effortlessly locate and book workspaces that suit their requirements, with the freedom to pay only for the time they use.

During this soft launch phase, we are excited to feature several top-rated locations in Bangkok which have already gained positive feedback for their amenities and environment. These include prime spots such as the ‘CEO Suite at Pathumwan’, offering a creative and energetic atmosphere along with a touch of luxury, and ‘The Hive at Thonglor’, Nestled in the heart of the city, The Hive Bangkok is a premier coworking space renowned for its sleek design, vibrant atmosphere, and unparalleled amenities. With spacious work areas, private offices, and an onsite cafe, ‘UnionSPACE at Ekkamai’ surrounded by beautiful cafes, restaurants, SPA’s and Health clubs which allows you to relax, chill and be productive at the same time.

Deskimo’s user-friendly app ensures a seamless booking experience with no need for advance reservations. Users can simply check in at their convenience, making it easier than ever to integrate flexible work solutions into their daily lives. This flexibility, combined with transparent pricing and a diverse range of workspaces, empowers individuals and businesses to optimize their working conditions and enhance efficiency.

To celebrate our launch in Thailand, we are rolling out special promotions, valid throughout April:

For individual users, receive a complimentary THB 25 discount on your first visit. Here’s how to redeem:

  • Open or download the Deskimo app. The app is available for free on both iOS and Android.
  • Navigate to “Account” > “My Vouchers.”
  • Enter code “THLAUNCH” and click “Add.”

For businesses based in Thailand, enjoy an exclusive 80% discount on your first credit purchase. Here’s how to redeem:

  • Create a Deskimo business account.
  • Log in to your Deskimo dashboard.
  • Click on “Profile” in the top right corner > “Add Voucher.”
  • Enter code “THLAUNCHBIZ” and click “Redeem.”

Discover more about our Bangkok locations and how you can benefit from our platform by visiting our website Deskimo Thailand Locations. We look forward to becoming an integral part of Bangkok’s dynamic professional landscape, providing spaces that adapt to the varied and evolving needs of the workforce.

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