Deskimo: The Game-Changer On-Demand Office App for Red Airship’s Remote Team

June 20, 2023

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Based in Singapore, Red Airship is a leading value innovation consultancy specializing in the development of full-scale digital products and systems with a future-focused approach. Alvin Zhang, one of the co-founders of Red Airship, encountered the challenge of managing a fully remote workforce. To address this, Red Airship turned to Deskimo, an on-demand office app for their 39 employees. By leveraging Deskimo, Red Airship successfully promoted team interaction, reduced feelings of isolation, and established a more collaborative work environment. Red Airship opted to lease out its pre-pandemic office to other tenants after evaluating the pros and cons, with Deskimo’s effectiveness playing a significant role in the decision.

What are your thoughts on remote or hybrid work arrangements?

We’re strong advocates for remote work arrangements as they provide our team members with increased autonomy, promote a healthier work-life balance, and shift the focus from rigid, time-bound responsibilities to a productivity and outcome-based approach. This approach aligns well with our high-trust culture and has proven effective for us.

That being said, we’re conscious of the potential challenges of a fully remote setup, such as decreased team interactions and the risk of individuals feeling isolated. In response, we’re moving towards a hybrid work model that enables team members to combine the flexibility of remote work with the communal benefits of hot-desking. This blend allows us to harness the advantages of both work environments.

Our goal is to find the optimal balance and methodology for our team and clients. Therefore, we constantly experiment, test new strategies, and iterate our work model. The needs of our team and clients remain our priority, and we are committed to ensuring our work arrangements cater to them effectively.

Before turning to Deskimo, what was your previous workplace arrangement and what challenges did you face? How did Deskimo help to overcome those challenges related to remote work?

Prior to the advent of Deskimo, the options for remote work in Singapore were significantly limited. Colleagues could choose to work from each other’s homes, which often posed a problem when hosting clients due to the lack of a professional setting. Alternatively, they could opt for a café, which presented challenges such as limited space and an environment that wasn’t always conducive to efficient work.

Based on our observations and feedback received, it became apparent that team members solely working remotely often experienced a decrease in their productivity. This is likely due to the lack of a structured environment and interruptions that can arise in these informal settings.

“As someone that has trouble focusing at home, Deskimo has really helped me by providing an abundance of productive environments that are both spacious and accessible. Deskimo’s services also give me the autonomy to plan my schedule well to save on traveling time! The comfort of the spaces and the freedom to switch up between different workspaces is also a very refreshing working experience that I highly recommend,” says Yu Han, a Business Development Intern.

This is where Deskimo came in as a feasible and practical solution to these issues. Deskimo offers a wide range of conveniently located, purposefully designed workspaces that facilitate collaboration and productivity. These spaces provide a professional setting for client meetings and a change of scenery for remote workers. They also serve as brief escapes from their usual work-from-home environment, allowing them to foster better connections with team members and enhance their overall work experience.

How has Deskimo helped Red Airship maintain a flexible and agile approach to work?

Deskimo has been a real game-changer for us at Red Airship. It’s like having an on-demand office, everywhere. When we need a break from home offices or a more professional setup for client meetings, we just hop onto Deskimo, and voila – we have a bunch of cool, ready-to-use workspaces at our fingertips.

It also complements our commitment to being agile and flexible. With Deskimo, our folks can choose where they want to work on any given day, supporting their productivity rhythms and giving them control over their work environment.

The fresh surroundings Deskimo provides also spark creativity and keep the workdays interesting. Plus, occasional meet-ups in these workspaces strengthen our team bonds, even as we mostly work remotely. All in all, Deskimo’s made our work life simpler, flexible, and, dare I say, a bit more fun.

Have you noticed any changes in your team’s work culture, productivity and collaboration since implementing Deskimo?

Since integrating Deskimo into our workflow, we observe a positive shift in higher productivity and stronger collaboration at Red Airship. It has provided an in-person collaboration option for our remote setting and helps with planning informal social activities too.

“Using Deskimo has been super convenient and helpful for me. I can have the flexibility to work anywhere in Singapore or other countries in future, if I ever tire of working at home. It also gives me the opportunity to co-work with colleagues on our own terms. With Deskimo, I am able to fully own my time and customize my working arrangement according to what I need,” says Ping, a UX/UI Designer.

Our team members share that Deskimo’s services help facilitate team collaboration by offering communal spaces for brainstorming and co-working sessions. 

In addition, it has created more opportunities for team members to socialize during lunch hours. This informal environment enables them to discuss personal matters and project-related details without needing to intentionally schedule a virtual meeting.

Would you recommend Deskimo to other companies looking to save money on their hybrid office model?

Absolutely, I would highly recommend Deskimo to other businesses, particularly those with hybrid or remote teams operating in Singapore. 

Deskimo brings advantages, such as providing an option for in-person collaboration even in a predominantly remote setting, which can greatly enhance team dynamics, communication and learning.

“I highly recommend Deskimo for conducting face-to-face 1-1s and fostering lunch bonding with my colleagues. It provides a great opportunity for coworkers with similar interests to gather and bond over activities like gym, yoga, lunch, and dinner outside of working hours. Deskimo offers a flexible location and a platform for collaboration, making it ideal for hybrid work arrangements,” says Kian An, an Engineering Manager.

The wide variety of workspaces adds an element of excitement and diversity, making the work experience more enjoyable for employees. 

Deskimo’s expanding network of co-working space partners, fair rates, and prompt service also contributed to our decision to use Deskimo.

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