Flexi Office at the Hive Central x CCG Commons!

March 30, 2023

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You can now enquire for a day access to private office unit at the Hive Central x CCG Commons location in Chinachem Tower, Central with Deskimo. The Hive Central X CCG Commons is a new 17,000 sqft workspace spanning 4 floors in the heart of Central. With stunning views and transportation just steps away, this is a fantastic space for business’ of all sizes. Flexi Office offers private workspace that is only dedicated for you and your team with no upfront monthly commitment and deposit, you will only be charged by day rate!

What makes Hive Central x CCG Different?

1. The Hive Team

Our team is super friendly with a big welcome – our service motto is to always go the extra mile.

2. Beautiful Work Environment

A space and community that encourages dynamism, creativity and success.

3. Stylish Lounge

A large communal space to meet, connect and get productive.

Did you know?

At the Hive Central x CCG Commons you are conveniently located in the heart of the financial hub of Hong Kong and you are minutes away to plethora of lunch options! As soon as you step foot into the Hive Central x CCG Commons, you will be greeted with friendly hosts that can assist you throughout the day! The workspace itself is equipped with hot desks, meeting rooms and phone booths with refreshments that keeps your productivity going.

For hotdesk and meeting room booking, please see below.

About Deskimo

Deskimo provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for small teams who do not need a fixed workspace. With Deskimo, you can easily discover workspaces at various locations around Singapore that suit the specific needs of your team. This eliminates the need for a long-term commitment to a single location and the associated costs, making it a much more cost-effective solution in the long run. As such, Deskimo is an ideal solution for small teams, in particular, hybrid teams who are seeking a more flexible and cheaper work arrangement. Try us out at https://www.deskimo.com.

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Meet Deskimo

Deskimo is a platform that connects professionals with on-demand workspaces, enabling them to find and book hot desks, meeting rooms, and other facilities in real-time.

Find a workspace wherever you are
Find your ideal office within walking distance from Deskimo’s diverse and distributed network of locations.
No need to reserve ahead of time
Deskimo workspaces are as ready as you are. Find a workspace when you need it, with instant check-in.
Never pay

for unused time
No subscriptions or commitments. With Deskimo, pay only for the time that you use, not a minute more.