Flexible Workspaces in Singapore: Good Work’s Success Story with Deskimo

June 28, 2023

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In today’s digital age, businesses are embracing flexibility and remote work options. Good Work, a Singapore-based modern web tech studio that specializes in delivering people-centered and outcome-driven solutions, values the freedom of working from anywhere. This case study explores how Deskimo, a flexible workplace solution, has played a crucial role in supporting Good Work’s goals and enhancing their work environment.

Enhancing Productivity and Collaboration

Deskimo has significantly contributed to improving Good Work’s overall productivity and team collaboration. Siah, Co-founder & Tech Lead at Good Work, emphasizes how Deskimo’s extensive network of workspaces enables their team to find conducive places to work individually or as a group. As Siah explains, “As tech lead of a fully remote team, sometimes you just need a place to do in-person discussions and that’s when Deskimo shines. Being able to unlock so many locations with just an app, we can meet in different environments for different types of work.” Deskimo provides a variety of office settings, including cozy and focus-oriented spaces as well as more relaxed environments with music and refreshments, catering to Good Work’s diverse work requirements. This flexibility and freedom significantly empower their team.

Flexible Workspace Options in Singapore

Corrinne, UI Creator at Good Work, highlights the importance of breaking away from the monotony of working from home. Deskimo serves as an outlet for the team to meet face-to-face and interact beyond the confines of screens. Corrinne explains, “Working from home melds working hours and personal time into one indistinguishable linear timeline, Deskimo for me serves as an outlet to break from that monotony. Being able to meet up and interact with colleagues face-to-face in a conducive working environment allows us instant unbroken communication that speeds our workflow.” Deskimo’s network of workspaces provides Good Work with the opportunity to collaborate effectively, fostering seamless communication and accelerating their workflow. Corrinne also appreciates the thoughtful office amenities provided at select workspaces, such as height-adjustable tables and Herman Miller chairs, creating an appealing environment for productive work.

Supporting Future Growth

As a small team focused on maximizing their potential, Good Work envisions continued growth and evolution in the future. While they don’t plan to expand into a large team, Deskimo will continue to play a vital role in supporting their business. Deskimo’s flexible and growing network of workspaces across the region ensures that Good Work can always find suitable locations for their team members.

Recommendation for Startups and Small Businesses

Good Work highly recommends Deskimo to other startups and small businesses seeking flexible workplace solutions in Singapore. The team takes pride in the freedom to work anywhere and everywhere, and Deskimo has been instrumental in enabling this lifestyle. Siah further attests to the value of Deskimo, stating, “We never hesitate to recommend Deskimo as a solution to anyone that we are working with – as we do think Deskimo provides a lot of value through its platform, without the commitment of hefty membership plans and rising rental costs.” By leveraging Deskimo’s platform, businesses can benefit from its value proposition without committing to hefty membership plans or facing rising rental costs.

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