Gearing Up For Flexible Work? Tech Matters Most.

August 30, 2021

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Gearing Up for Flexible Work? Tech Matters Most.

Coordinating schedules, task lists and meetings online can be a nightmare for both managers and employees. Apart from the day-to-day difficulties of navigating online systems, telecommuting often leaves room for miscommunication and inefficiency. That said, businesses should be looking at tech solutions for flexible work.

Of course, remote work hasn’t been a complete bane. In fact, the shift towards flexible work systems is arguably an accelerated symptom of the broader digitisation of the global economy which began long before the Covid-19 health crisis. 

Top business decision-makers have recognised this. According to the KellyOCG Global Workforce Agility Report, ‘72 per cent of Singapore executives want to adopt more flexible ways of working post-pandemic’. Many major corporates have also increased their support for flexible work. For example, HSBC ‘launched telemedicine to enable staff to consult a doctor remotely and provided staff with the necessary IT and security infrastructure to support large-scale WFH arrangements’. 

If there’s one thing that’s evident, it’s tech. Technology is the tool that will either make or break businesses as the global economy transitions into the ‘hyper’ digital age. Here’s what businesses need to invest in tech solutions for flexible work.

Work-life Balance

This tumultuous period has revealed the interconnectedness of work in our personal lives which has led to in-depth conversations around the value of work-life balance. Many businesses are exploring what it means to tailor work arrangements that balance between efficiency and empathy. 

In an age where almost anyone can work from anywhere, forcing employees to keep to a stiff 9-5 on-site office schedule is counterproductive. Businesses have realised that workplace flexibility better equips employees to cope with their work and social obligations.

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However, remote work comes with its difficulties. Some employees routinely struggle with unconducive home office environments or the lack of professional office utilities. Hence, while it’s clear that workers want flexible work to stay, they also want better support for their workplace needs. 

Tech-driven solutions have helped to mitigate trade-offs of remote work. Flexible work platforms like Deskimo provide remote professionals with pay-by-the-minute access to dozens of fully-furnished coworking spaces without having to worry about contracts or upfront fees. Whether it’s a workspace equipped with childcare facilities or a space closer to home, employees can check-in at any workspace that best suits their work needs and preferences. 

Improving Employee Experience

To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace”. It’s important for businesses to consider the welfare and fulfillment of their employees if they’re looking to build a productive and loyal workforce, particularly amidst ‘The Great Resignation’ of 2021.  

Tracking employee sentiments and collecting accurate information about their workplace needs can be an uphill task for many businesses. Thankfully, Deskimo’s enterprise tech solutions for flexible work are designed to provide businesses with valuable insights into their employees’ workplace needs. 

More than a listing platform for coworking spaces, Deskimo’s enterprise solutions provide information on employees-usage of workspaces. This helps businesses make better data driven decisions in relation to office space usage and catering to employee needs. 

Communication and Company Culture

Communication has always been the cornerstone of an engaged workforce. The right communication tools can knit a team together despite physical distance. Conversely, poor online communication skills can negatively impact productivity and interpersonal workplace relationships. Hence, it’s important for businesses to invest in the right tools to facilitate clear communication between coworkers. 

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Platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams allow for direct professional communication between coworkers. Apart from direct messaging, these platforms allow for the easy sending of documents and setting up of inter-department chat groups which helps to facilitate collaboration. Slack in particular also has added features such as availability status updates and message scheduling.

The digital community has also gotten creative in terms of innovating collaboration tools. Visual platforms such as Miro allow for employees to organise, and share their ideas with their fellow coworkers through mind maps and other illustrative tools. 

Of course communication tools are merely a medium. Ultimately, businesses also need to make the effort to engage employees and create safe environments that encourage  open communication. Managers can seek to involve employees by scheduling routine check-ins or video calls! 

Key Summary

Beyond the mere deployment of tech solutions, a business’s comfort with technology has become a form of competitive advantage.

Whether your business chooses to move towards a complete remote structure of a hybrid arrangement, Deskimo helps your business first step towards the flexible future of work. Email us at for a no frills consultant today

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