User to Partner: GuestReady’s Journey with Deskimo

June 20, 2023

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This week, we’re excited to feature GuestReady, a long-time user of Deskimo‘s co-working spaces in Dubai and a valuable partner of ours. GuestReady is a leading Airbnb management company that offers a comprehensive set of services for short and mid-term rentals. They help hosts make the most out of their property while taking care of all the overhead work. With a strong presence in Europe and the Middle East, GuestReady has found a way to integrate Deskimo’s flexible workspaces into their daily operations at their UAE branch.

At GuestReady, they have seamlessly integrated Deskimo into their existing office setup, effectively utilizing it as an extension of their workspace. We had the pleasure of speaking with Maha, the Head of Sales at GuestReady, who shared how her team explores Deskimo’s co-working spaces in Dubai on a weekly basis.

Embracing Hybrid Work

According to Maha, GuestReady was quick to adopt hybrid working, even before the COVID-19 pandemic, to prioritize their employees’ well-being and productivity. They recognized the importance of work-life balance and sought ways to offer flexibility and convenience to their team members. With their team scattered across Dubai, commuting to the office was time-consuming and exhausting. To overcome this, they often relied on cafes and restaurants for team and client meetings. Yet, these venues often proved to be noisy and unprofessional, hindering productivity.

Harnessing the Key Benefits of Flexible Workspaces

Maha explained, “Deskimo has been a game-changer for us. The advantage of Deskimo over cafes or restaurants is that we get to work in professional workspaces which help us focus more and give access to a diverse community of like-minded professionals, all on a very flexible basis. At our team, we work once a week from a Deskimo location and take turns weekly to pick the workspace to go to since everyone lives in different parts of town and has different preferences. Luckily, Deskimo has a workspace close to every team member. By going to different workspaces every week, we not only enhance our productivity but also create awareness for our brand and spread the word about GuestReady. We get the chance to connect with other companies and expand our network, which in return helps us grow our business and build partnerships. Thanks to Deskimo, we even acquired new leads that we managed to convert into loyal clients.”

Christina, another team member, highlighted the convenience of Deskimo for meeting clients scattered across Dubai. “As our clients are spread across the city, it is always convenient to find professional locations to meet with them.” she continued. The meeting rooms listed on Deskimo come with state-of-the-art facilities, and clients appreciate the professionalism and ambiance of the spaces.

GuestReady team working at one of the Deskimo co-working spaces in Dubai, the Bureau

Increased Motivation and Productivity with Co-working Spaces in Dubai

Haneen, the marketing lead for GCC, shared her perspective on Deskimo. She explained, “The Deskimo locations usually come with a good vibe to them. Since we onboarded, we have tried most of the locations. One of my favorites is The Bureau, a female-focused co-working space. They have something for everyone: high chairs, sofas, and quiet rooms, and much more. I love the decorations and the atmosphere there, and the staff is also very welcoming. This makes my work more enjoyable.”

Maha further emphasized the influence of Deskimo on the team’s motivation and productivity. “Salespeople don’t like to stay in a routine; they thrive on change and new experiences. Therefore, Deskimo really appeals to our team, who get energized by exploring new workspaces,” she explained. Mohammed, a leads qualifier in Maha’s team, added, “Trying out new co-working spaces every week motivates me to go to work. One of my favorite co-working spaces in Dubai is the Servcorp at Emirates Towers. It is not only very close to my work but also has a great view!”

What Companies Should Look Out for When Working Hybrid

Drawing from their firsthand experience, Maha offered valuable advice to companies venturing into hybrid working. “I would recommend they explore the workspaces and find the one that fits their needs. Every workspace has different features regarding parking, access to public transportation, free amenities, and capacity. Therefore, it is important to find a workspace where every member is comfortable or find a compromise as we do, taking turns in determining where to go.”

Welcome baskets awaiting guests at GuestReady properties in Dubai

GuestReady x Deskimo: Stay Productive During Your Stay

At Deskimo, we are thrilled to have gained GuestReady as a partner on our journey to revolutionize the future of work. To celebrate this exciting collaboration, GuestReady extended an exclusive offer to all Deskimo users. As a member of the Deskimo community, you can now enjoy an exclusive 5% discount on exceptional short-term rentals provided by GuestReady. Simply use the code DESKIMO5 during the booking process to unlock this special offer. Whether you want a stunning view of Burj Khalifa, a serene atmosphere at Dubai Marina, or the vibrant experience of downtown, GuestReady has you covered with over 400 properties in Dubai.

Experience the perfect blend of productivity and relaxation during your stay. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity and book now to secure your discounted stay!

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