How a Singapore Start-up in the AI Industry Revolutionizes Remote Work

July 13, 2023

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MLT Analytics is a Singapore-based start-up focused on applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze plastic, chemical, and other commodity markets. With a team of 5 employees, MLT Analytics faced the challenge of efficiently onboarding new hires and interns while fostering a cohesive company culture. In their search for a solution, they discovered Deskimo’s on-demand workspaces, which offered the flexibility and collaborative environment they needed.

On-Demand Workspaces for Efficient Onboarding and Flexibility

Due to their project-based hiring of domain experts, MLT Analytics required flexible workspace options for teams of different sizes. Deskimo’s on-demand workspaces offered the ideal solution, enabling MLT Analytics to optimize resource allocation and provide a flexible workspace. Their work often involves screen sharing, making remote work ideal. However, they recognized the importance of regular face-to-face interactions for team building and employee development. Deskimo’s multiple locations in different areas of Singapore allowed them to meet centrally, fostering collaboration.

According to Luah Jun Yang, an intern/data scientist at MLT Analytics, “The variety of different locations gives a refreshing experience alternating between them, with all of them providing a conducive environment for productivity.”

Moreover, as a “virtual corporation” with a minimal carbon footprint, MLT Analytics values Deskimo’s proximity to public transport options. This aligns with their commitment to sustainability and ensures that employees and interns can easily commute while minimizing their environmental impact.

Fostering Community and Collaboration for Remote and Hybrid Teams

MLT Analytics recognizes the importance of face-to-face interactions for team building and employee development. Deskimo’s multiple locations across Singapore enable the team to meet centrally, catering to employees and interns living in different areas of Singapore. This flexibility not only facilitates team gatherings but also allows them to experience a variety of cuisines at nearby restaurants. Complimentary coffee and snacks at most Deskimo locations add an extra touch of convenience and enjoyment.

Although the team has their favorite locations, such as The Work Project at Asia Square, they found that trying out different locations was an incentive for them to come together, brainstorm, kick off new projects, and engage in non-work discussions. While remote work was embraced, there was also a strong desire among the team members to meet up physically on a regular basis.

Yoong Jun Han, an intern/data scientist at MLT Analytics, expressed, “Deskimo’s user interface offers a seamless end-to-end experience from finding a nearby coworking place to booking the place and coordinating with the rest of your co-workers. The variety and affordability of offices available encourage smaller scale businesses/teams to organize more face-to-face interactions.”

Choosing Deskimo over Traditional Office Spaces for a Singapore Start-up

MLT Analytics opted for Deskimo over traditional office space arrangements due to the flexibility and numerous benefits it offered. Traditional office rentals require a long-term commitment, significant upfront investment, and potential financial risks if their scaling needs changed. Deskimo provided the ability to grow at their own pace and easily accommodate more staff as needed. This flexibility and scalability were crucial for a Singapore start-up like MLT Analytics in the dynamic AI and machine learning industry.

Shin Haijin, an intern/data scientist at MLT Analytics, praised Deskimo’s convenience, stating, “Deskimo is a great app that enables users to view a variety of workspaces in one place. We can easily check in or check out by simply scanning the QR code, which is very convenient. We can work in professional and creative co-working spaces with reasonable prices.”

Recommended Solution for Remote and Hybrid Teams in Singapore

Reflecting on their experience, MLT Analytics recommends Deskimo to other businesses. The flexibility and the wide range of locations available in Singapore and across Asia make Deskimo an excellent option, particularly for start-ups or businesses in growth mode. Deskimo’s on-demand workspaces provide the necessary flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances and scale operations accordingly. For MLT Analytics, Deskimo proved to be the perfect solution, aligning with their needs as a Singapore start-up in the AI and machine learning industry.

Shelley Dong, co-founder and Chief Data Scientist, shared her experience, stating, “Deskimo’s office can provide all necessary amenities in one place. We can go to a quiet room when we need a place to focus or have a call. We can also invite clients or partners to have a meeting in the lounge area or meeting room. In between work, we can enjoy the stunning view to relax our eyes while grabbing a snack or a cup of coffee to refresh ourselves.”

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