How To Stay Visible While Working Remotely

October 8, 2021

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How To Stay Visible While Working Remotely

Does out of sight mean out of mind? It’s a question many remote workers have had to contend with. A growing number of companies are choosing to leave remote work arrangements as an open choice, while keeping offices open to those who prefer working from their cubicle. While this represents a commendable step towards increased flexibility, remote workers (many of whom need the added work flexibility) find themselves competing for visibility and recognition. 

Whether it’s regarding career advancement opportunities, exposure and experience, or simple interpersonal office relationships, remote workers are confronted with the social limitations of working away from the office. Here are some simple and effective ways to keep yourself visible to your colleagues and bosses while working remotely.

Put a face to the name

Video conferencing can be boring, and a little intrusive at times, especially when you’re working from home – it can definitely be tempting to keep your camera off and your microphone muted. Yet, there is some merit to the phrase, ‘out of sight, out of mind’; choosing to do audio-only meetings, particularly for long-haul meetings or important client calls, can definitely backfire. It’s harder to leave an impression or form a connection when there isn’t a face attached to a name. 

By switching to video meetings and paying attention to your professional set-up (background, lighting etc.), you are more able to project a presentable, amicable online persona that your colleagues and superiors feel more familiar with. Besides, if remote work is the new future of work, it’s worth investing a little more time and effort into building professional interpersonal relationships online.

Be vocal about your achievements

Communication is key in any job – however when it comes to remote work, ‘over-communication’ can work in your favour. Don’t be afraid to let your bosses know what you’re working on and the progress you’ve made work-wise. It can be as simple as updating your boss when you’ve completed an assignment earlier than the due date or providing them with a weekly task list of your projects, goals and ‘to-dos’. While you don’t have to constantly upsell your achievements, it definitely helps when you keep your superiors in the loop. 

Don’t be afraid to complement and acknowledge the work of your fellow colleagues either! Apart from building rapport, praising your team mates also reflects on your ability as a leader or team player. In the grand scheme of things, it reflects positively on yourself and your department.

Always be proactive

Unfortunately, remote work is traditionally (and wrongfully) associated with slacking off. Some managers get nervous when employees aren’t in their direct line of sight. Assure your boss of your efficiency and ability through your willingness to help out around the office. You can start by proactively reaching out to your boss regarding projects or meetings you can help out with. By doing so, you are presenting yourself as a reliable and helpful employee despite your physical distance from the office.

Taking care of you present yourself online can help leave stronger professional impressions
Image: Pexels/Anna Tarazevich

Be responsive and reachable

Reachability is a top concern for many managers when it comes to remote work. Not having employees online especially during crunch time can be of huge inconvenience and cost. While companies should be obligated to respect your private after-work hours, you too, should ensure that you are reachable and responsive during working hours. 

For example, you should make sure that you reply within reasonable time, and are prepared for meetings. If you’re facing disruptions while working remotely (e.g. disruptive home office environments, Wi-Fi connection issues, urgent and unexpected events), it doesn’t hurt to drop your colleagues and bosses a quick update on your situation so that they can anticipate a slight delay in your response. Again, this boosts your reputation as a reliable employee. 

Facilitate your remote work arrangement

It’s important not to take remote work arrangements for granted. Remote work should not be an added inconvenience to managers – it should simply be an alternative work arrangement that is integrated with the company’s wider ecosystem. Hence, this means that you should take on the responsibility of ensuring that you are easy and uncomplicated to work with. 

Take the initiative to find out your managers and colleagues online conferencing preferences (e.g. conferencing platform of choice, text messages, email), communication styles and schedules. This way you can suggest and set-up meetings that include their needs and preferences.

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