Learnt@Deskimo: Ways to build a community for crypto

April 21, 2022
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Learnt@Deskimo: Ways to build a community for crypto

Building a community for cryptocurrency is very important. Like any product or service, you need to reach out to a targeted audience interested in what you are doing if you’re launching something new. While businesses raise money through initial public offerings, the crypto industry raises money through initial coin offerings or ICO

There are many ways to make your ICO valuable to your interested investors. But before we even talk about that, you need to gather hype and create a community interested in your crypto project. 

You need to budget for a way to gather followers on one platform. You can also use your engaged community for crowdsourcing ideas for your project as a feedback portal. It’s an excellent way to showcase marketing assets. 

Without a community, your ICO might not be successful at launch since there’s very little awareness or interest in your project. 

Let’s look at three ways to build a community for your ICO. 

How do you build a community for crypto? 

1. Be available on different online platforms to engage your community. 

Telegram ICO community management is traditionally prominent with ICOs. The platform allows you to keep your communications open-ended while curbing interaction with trolls.

 The easy to use interface allows you to carry out polls or pin discussions, features that your community manager will likely utilise as it will enable them to engage with followers and get feedback quickly. You can also add Telegram bots to moderate the community, preventing trolls from spamming your chats. Crypto veterans will also be familiar with how Telegram works, which is a plus.

The easy two-way communication that Telegram allows gives users a sense of connection with the core teams. These participants stay and eventually invest because they know that they will get the best answer from the most important people on the project.

Using Telegram as the foundation for your cryptocurrency ICO community is a way to start.

If you want to introduce more game-based features, such as allowing your community to interact through music or playing games, you should try Discord. 

In recent times, Discord has gained popularity as a preferred platform for crypto enthusiasts due to its unique features and cross-platform support for apps such as Twitter. If you are looking for a marketing platform to reach prospective audiences for your Crypto products, Discord is a perfect platform. You can set up a Discord account and a community server with just a few steps. 

Discord allows you to integrate bots to offer everything from games to timed messages so you can continue to market your products and engage your community even when you are away from the server. The platform saves a lot of in-person interaction and person-hours! 

2. Hire a community manager 

A crypto community manager is a professional who will help your crypto project manage engagement strategy and communication via online communities.

They have to be experts in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Crypto community managers follow and create crypto charts to get a full market view. They have a good understanding of what ICOs are and the ups and downs of the industry.

They are also experts in different online platforms such as Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and social media marketing tools. 

Their work in both marketing, press relations and community management is essential to the success of your ICO. Instead of doing it on your own or relying on your core team, outsourcing to a specialised agency or professionals will save you a lot of time building a community from scratch. 

3. Seek a physical space to gather your community

While crypto projects attract a global community, having localised touchpoints with interested audiences in your home country is always helpful. If you have the budget, you might want to hire community managers in different countries to do in-person meetups. 

Co-working spaces are a great way to offer physical, in-real-life meetups. When you can gather fellow enthusiasts, you can pitch your project to them and get to know your audience more.

What are they looking for when they sign up to support your project or buy your product/service? You need to have a comfortable space for people to sit, relax, and share their thoughts casually and in an informal way. 

Most co-working spaces offer meeting rooms with projectors and communal tables. They also might have pantries where snacks and free flow coffee are available. With these amenities, you can tease out what your audience may not be able to share with you online. 

If you’re based in Singapore, Indonesia or Hongkong, Deskimo is the app you want to use to increase your community following. Our network of vetted, unique workspaces across Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong allows anyone to discover, work, and pay by the minute for workspace.

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