Monetize with Deskimo: From Underutilized Offices to Untapped Revenue Streams

October 30, 2023

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In the heart of Singapore’s business district, the iconic OCBC Center is home to MQJC Technology, a technology company building social applications. However, MQJC found themselves confronted with a challenge – an underutilized office space, a lease spanning three years, and a desire to turn this situation around. To turn this challenge into an opportunity, MQJC turned to Deskimo, the leading flexible workspace aggregator for its innovative solutions. This case study delves into the remarkable journey of collaboration between Deskimo and MQJC, highlighting how it transformed and monetized an underutilized office space into a thriving coworking environment, resulting in an impressive 11x revenue boost within just four months.

Challenge: Monetizing An Underutilized Office Space

Initial Encounter with Deskimo

Owen, the Director for MQJC, recalled their initial encounter with Deskimo. “We discovered Deskimo through extensive online research. Their stellar reputation in the flexible workspace industry convinced us to reach out. From the very beginning, Deskimo’s team distinguished themselves as subject matter experts who grasped the uniqueness of our situation. Their ability to combine expertise with creativity and a hands-on approach was unparalleled.”

Guided Transformation

Lee, the Office Manager, emphasized the vital role Deskimo played in this transformation. “Deskimo’s guidance was truly invaluable. They provided us with comprehensive advice on converting our private office into a coworking space, recommending the right amenities, helping us with effective marketing strategies, and assisting us in pricing our space competitively. As this was an entirely new venture for us, Deskimo’s expertise made the process smooth and efficient. They clearly understood what worked and what didn’t, which saved us time and resources.”

Solution: Swift Action And Impact

Prompt Lead Generation

Owen underlined a pivotal moment in their collaboration with Deskimo. “Incredibly, within a mere week of our first consultation with Deskimo, they brought us a potential lead—a well-known company in Singapore in need of flexible office solutions. Deskimo’s efficiency and ability to swiftly connect us with businesses seeking flexible workspaces was nothing short of remarkable. Within the very first month of listing our office with Deskimo, we witnessed a substantial increase in inquiries. The efficiency that Deskimo brought to the table was truly a game-changer for us, leading to a significant boost in additional revenue.”

Unique Marketing Opportunity 

Lee reflected on the memorable F1 event that Deskimo arranged in their office space, documented in their blog post: Top Coworking Spaces in Singapore to Watch Formula 1. “The F1 event was a stroke of genius by Deskimo. Their team recognized an exceptional opportunity due to our office’s strategic location on level 48, offering unobstructed views of the Formula 1 track. It was not merely an exciting event but also a brilliant marketing strategy that thrust our office into the spotlight. Deskimo’s orchestration further solidified our office’s standing as a coveted coworking space.”

Conclusion: 11x Revenue Surge with Deskimo for Offices

This collaboration between Deskimo and MQJC Technology exemplifies the transformative potential of flexible workspaces. Deskimo’s ability to comprehend unique challenges, provide innovative solutions, and swiftly deliver results has empowered MQJC Technology. In a global landscape where adaptability is paramount, Deskimo stands as a beacon, illuminating the path toward a future where every office space, regardless of changes in the business and economic landscape, can be transformed in the ever-evolving landscape of office spaces and flexible workspaces.

To explore how Deskimo can help you monetize from your underutilized office space, visit Deskimo for Offices.

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