Partnership Announcement: Storefriendly x Deskimo

February 1, 2023

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You can now get on-demand access to two of Storefriendly’s locations in Paya Lebar and Bukit Merah with Deskimo anytime you need a hot desk for your next team meeting or when you need a productive workspace.

Storefriendly offers affordable, flexible and modern hot desking services for both you and your employees. If you own your own small business and a tired from working from home but can’t justify renting an entire office space just for you, a Singapore hot desk from Storefriendly is the solution for you.

Renting a hot desk in Singapore is an affordable and flexible workspace solution. If you are a solo business person or work in a small team and crave work colleagues and a buzzing work environment, then a Singapore hot desk space is for you. This space is also ideal for those who frequent Singapore for business and therefore don’t have a set workspace. Simply grab your laptop and work from your own dedicated hot desk in Singapore.

Here’s to an even more flexible way to experience Storefriendly!

Storefriendly – Paya Lebar

With more companies moving out of Singapore’s busy CBD area, commercial hubs like the one Storefriendly self storage Paya Lebar is situated at are becoming the place to be. It is a short seven minute walk from both Paya Lebar and Eunos MRT, as well as amenities such as PLQ and Singpost.

Walk-in and use hot desks by the minute at SGD 4/hour, or pre-book at SGD 28/day. Click here to book.

Hot Desks at Storefriendly, Paya Lebar

Storefriendly – Bukit Merah

Storefriendly at Bukit Merah is just a 5-10 mins’ walk away from Redhill MRT, working professionals from any corner of the city can easily commute to Storefriendly at Bukit Merah. This coworking space was designed to assemble everything you need to effectively run your Singapore business in one convenient location. At Storefriendly, you can create and attend networking events in our private event spaces, meet clients, host board meetings, work at a flexible desk and relax with like-minded people.

Walk-in and use hot desks by the minute at SGD 4/hour, or pre-book at SGD 28/day. Click here to book.

Hot Desks at Storefriendly, Bukit Merah

Download the Deskimo app now to get on-demand, pay-as-you-go access to Storefriendly Singapore.

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