Why Are Pet-Friendly Coworking Spaces In Great Demand

April 2, 2022

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Why Are Pet-Friendly Coworking Spaces In Great Demand

Pet owners who go to work often feel sad and worry about leaving their pets at home. That’s why having pet-friendly coworking spaces would be a big help for them. In fact, the demand for pet-friendly coworking spaces is on the rise and is considered a great perk for most dog owners. Companies are even recognising that a pet-friendly workplace has a positive, motivating, and performance-enhancing effect in the office that results in improved employee satisfaction.

Additionally, having dogs and other pets around provides many benefits, such as social support, relieving stress, improving cognitive capacities and social interaction, and helping individuals overcome sadness and anxiety. This benefits not only the dog owners but also non-dog owners who share their work environment with their coworkers’ dogs and, ultimately, the companies themselves. Work-related stress can lower focus and motivation, create a hostile work atmosphere, and reduce employee work performance, eventually leading to burnout, to name a few consequences and this is where the pet can help in shaping the mood. Having a dog in the office can positively impact health and performance, which could be an asset to many businesses to boost productivity and efficiency among employees.

Here is the checklist you need to watch out for or prepare before bringing your pet around:

Checklist When Bringing Your Pet Around

Dog-friendly coworking spaces are for everyone. So you must not leave the dog unattended, rambling around the space freely. If not in the private office, all dogs must be on a leash in case other users are afraid of the dogs inside, especially big size dogs. Work with the reception team to ensure that everyone in the space is safe and doesn’t have any pets-related allergies. 

Determine if they’re the calm type

The passing line is to know whether your dog is a calm type or not. Though most dogs are quiet, some simply won’t stop barking. See how your dog behaves when surrounded by strangers. If your pet is not the chill type, it might distract your co-workers and cause a scene in the coworking space.

If hotdesk area isn’t ideal, you may have to settle for a private room, spaces with outdoor terrace or cafe.

What to pack: Dog food, goodies, and other accessories

While you’re at work, keep your dog occupied with food and a pack of treats. It will keep them happy and busy doing their own thing. Also, don’t forget to bring handy pet toys like plastic bones or something that can be chewed and played on. When you take a break, you can even play with your dog or have an outdoor stroll. You may also want to find a coworking space near a nice place to take the dog out for a bathroom break, such as a grassy park. If you are planning for a trip, you may want to book accommodations near the pet-friendly coworking space where you and your buddy can let the day pass. Lastly, when all goes well, you need to clean up for the flurry hair and check if any damages made by their chews, wet wipes and alcohol will be handy for the cleanup. 

Pet-Friendly Coworking Spaces

If you’re currently on the hunt for pet-friendly workspaces in HK, The Hive Sai Kung offers a great perk for you and your buddy, a welcoming coworking space that offers a café, hot desks, dedicated desks and private offices with views of the green mountains and gorgeous garden terrace. Enjoy your time spent with your fur babies while also being productive at work.

Employers and companies that have not yet considered allowing their employees to bring their dogs to work should be encouraged to do so and build a workplace with more employee satisfaction, empathy and motivation.

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