Remote working diary: Need a place to work where you can have more privacy?

May 5, 2022
remote working in Singapore

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This co-working space in Singapore lets you have closed-door sessions for your remote working experience.

Each month, our Deskimo users in Singapore bring you with them on a virtual tour of our co-working spaces and a peek into how they organize their day. If you’re looking for a place to host your next meeting to impress your clients and investors, bookmark our blog and stay tuned for more updates.

Freelancer’s bio: Sally, is a marketing executive working remotely for a company. She needs a place to work for the day where she doesn’t have to share a tablespace with others. 

Cosy Corner is located on the second floor of a row of shophouses along Geylang Road. It is a mere 10-11 minutes walk away from Kallang MRT Station(East-West Line) or you can also walk from Aljunied MRT. 

If you are working at Cosy Corner, you’re in a neighbourhood with boundless food options. This place is perfect for two things: if you need complete privacy from prying eyes or a distraction-free personal space to work, and if you are a foodie who wants to indulge in some fantastic dining options after a day of meetings. As a marketing executive, I need to present pitches to overseas clients on behalf of my boss who’s out of town today. So I head to Cosy Corner since I get to hot desk in a proper room. 

The place:

remote working in Singapore

11am: One of the first things that I was searching for is a place where I can close the door to get complete privacy when I hot desk. You can also choose rooms with or without windows. 

While communal co-working spaces means a lot of opportunities to network, today I have a full day of meetings that require 1-1 time. Cosy Corner at Geylang in Singapore is perfect since this is a co-working space that offers private rooms for hot-desking. My colleague might come over later, so I have to book the two pax room in a while. I love that flexibility.

1pm: After non-stop pitching to clients and many emails, I’m tired and I want to chill. The rooms are soundproof, but I am a bit worried that I’ll disturb my neighbours, and I want to enjoy All of Us are Dead, the latest Korean zombie flick on Netflix. Luckily, the space has a 24” HD Monitor and headphones that I can borrow from the concierge space. I get to zone out for an hour with the audio-visual equipment. 

When my lunch hour is up, I can use the equipment for my back-to-back Zoom meetings. It’s especially helpful since the headphones have a mic, which means I’ll be much clearer when I’m presenting my latest pitch to my clients at 2 pm. 

3 pm: My day is almost done, but my clients have requested a quick photoshoot of their latest skincare products. Apart from my day job, I work as a freelance photographer and these requests happen. Thankfully, the space is well-equipped. 

5 pm: It’s time for dinner! I’m not done with work but it’s okay since Cosy Corner closes at 10 pm. Time to check out the food options since my boss has left the company’s credit card with me. Well, technically these are “entertainment” expenses since my clients have agreed to seal the deal today. Let’s head down to see what’s around Geylang, well-known as a foodie paradise! 

There are plenty of famous food outlets here, such as the popular Eminent Frog Porridge in Geylang. Whatever your thoughts about eating amphibians, the place still draws a very loyal crowd even though it’s quite early. There’s also Mongkok Dim Sum if you are craving smaller bites or want to share food. Both options are a mere 5 minutes walk away, so I settled for dim sum! Unfortunately, I was so hungry that I didn’t manage to snap photos, but suffice to say I’m ready to head back to work!

So that’s about it – Cosy Corner is a great place for those who need more privacy. A tip, though, is that if you prefer rooms with windows, it’s good to go early. These rooms are popular due to the natural sunlight streaming in! You can also maximise your day by working at Cosy Corner, available for booking on the Deskimo app.

Till next time, cheers.

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