Smart Ways to Improve the On-site Work Experience

August 4, 2022
Office work

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Let’s talk about on-site work experience!!

From the day people found out that they could attend zoom meetings in their pajamas while wearing a shirt that they would take off immediately after the call ended, work changed.

However, some companies began to discover that this working method, which the employees loved, was not as productive as expected and sought to change it. 

The problem is that employees have now gotten used to the comfortability of working from their beds and couches, and are not willing to give up on that any time soon. Thus any company seeking to bring workers to the office must improve their on-site work experience. 

If this is in your plan, here are some smart ways to make the back-to-office plan easier: 

Wellness plans

It is normal for people to feel stressed when they work in the office, and you can change that by paying attention to their wellbeing. Sometimes the week was so hard, and they just wanted to rant a little about it. 

Many companies are now including caring plans to help look after the staff’s mental health. We see more companies are providing wellness packages, which could be fitness, aromatherapy classes, and others. The goal is to ensure that staff members are in an optimum state, physically and mentally, when they go to work. 

Introduce a working feedback on-site work system 

Very often when staff gives feedback on something regarding the working space they are being ignored. Therefore, they prefer to work from home, where they have absolute power over everything in their work process. 

If your employees give you feedback, look at them, listen and empathize with the situation they are talking about. Also, see how you can leverage internal resources for example mutual support group to improve their situation. 

Introduce a flexible working plan 

Even if you have succeeded in bringing staff to the office, you need to work on a hybrid arrangement. This would allow staff to keep some of that addictive comfortability in the pocket and resume work at the office as you wish to see. 

Hybrid work policy may sound like a counterintuitive measure. However, staff won’t feel tempted to slack off if they feel well supported when it’s well planned out. Understand that it is okay to have two winners instead of just one in this situation. 

Schedule mid-work breaks During On-site Work

Make known that small social breaks are legit when working in person. Staff can use the mid-work breaks to have a walk under the sun, go for a chat in water coolers, or do anything else to wind down. They can do it within those few minutes when they get off their chairs. Naturally, taking little breaks is something every staff member should do out of their own volition. However, if the company makes a rule on it, it gives the staff members a feeling of being cared for.  

Food provision for On-site Work

One of the things remote people love about not having to go to work is that they do not have to spend extra on food. Yes, we said ‘smart ways to improve on-site work experience,’ but consider this point a pro-tip or a hack. Provide a meal a day or at least a fruit for your staff members so that they can still save up on food, and it provides a great social occasion for all staff.


If the great return is confirmed for your team, you should ensure that the office can support staff better than they do WFH. Attending to the team’s social needs, mental wellness, and hardware like ergonomic furniture are the basics to start from. Go out and talk to the staff and industry experts to see what you can do for the talents.

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