Transformative Career Advancement: The Hunt for New C-Suite Titles

May 11, 2022
new c-suite titles

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Staying ahead of the game by preparing for the new C-suite titles

Businesses of all sizes have been brought into a transformative change. It’s the year of dynamic career advancement, and COVID has mostly contributed to the shift in work setups, new business needs, as well as the skill sets for business success. These transformations bring companies to reconsider their employees’ wellbeing, strength and diversity which will definitely need talent outside traditional business functions to join the hot kitchen, leading to the birth of new c-suite titles.

We are more than familiar with CXO positions like CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, or CTOs, but have you ever heard of a CAO? Well, it’s Chief Automation Officer, and 84% of the executives are looking to hire for this position. This is just one of the many new job titles that have started to gain attention, and will be in demand for years following the heavy digitalisation of all businesses.

Are you ready to move higher into the new C-level realm? 

Reasons and drivers for a career advancement

Each employee has their own reason for career advancement. The reasons could be in seeking a better salary, career promotion. While others simply want to try something new out of curiosity. It’s also not uncommon, and it makes sense to move to a better playing field.

A fun fact is that the average person changes jobs 5-7 times during their working life. According to the U.S. Department of Labour, approximately 30% of the total workforce will now change jobs every 12 months. That’s a rapid move, and organisations should start making changes to their company policies to convince talents to stay.

Furthermore, 27% of people seeking a career change look for a better work-life balance, making it the most common reason in 2021. Another is trying something new, as conducted by a Prudential study. Whereas 2021 is about having a better work environment, 2022 is still the same way. That said, the most recent reasons for a career change are likely attributable to the employee’s personal needs and feelings.

Following the trend of remote and hybrid work, it’s evident why the pursuit of a better work-life blend is the driver for a career and company change for employees and the birth of new c-level executive titles for businesses.

New emerging c-suite titles

New c-suite positions give rise to opportunities that might align with many employees’ purpose in life. It’s also a chance to rediscover oneself, make big decisions, and shape the business entity they wish to be a part of. Some of the new c-level positions are already in hot demand.

new c-suite titles
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Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

With the global workforce going through a geographic shift and the popularity of remote and hybrid work environments, diversity in the workplace will always be at the forefront of these rapid changes. Keeping it at peace and organised from a set of diverse skills and education, knowledge and background that set up a context for creative work is the role of a Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer. 

Chief Purpose Officer 

A company with a strong sense of purpose is more likely to be a sticky brand for consumers and also their internal customers. Hence, this role ensures that an organisation’s purpose is publicly and internally demonstrated. It could be through strategy, branding, and culture and seeks to integrate purpose-driven behaviour. This is a new c-suite title that can make an underlying change in the business’s mission, vision, value and among other fundamentals.

Chief Automation officer

 We are moving towards an automated world and living with a smartphone, and living in a smart home in everyday life. The Chief Automation Officer is responsible for determining whether to use digital labour or automation in business processes. The responsibility is to take care of technology and the business as a whole, to drive the future to now.

Chief Trust Officer

 A customer’s trust in the business proves to be essential if the business’ ultimate goal is to operate long-term. Hence, a Chief Trust Officer’s job helps to increase consumer and employee trust in the company. They specifically build brand confidence with the customers using customer-centric business strategy and user feedback. In fact, it is estimated that 86% of CXOs anticipate this position will be filled, and 51% of employees want to work in it.

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Free resources for a career change

Now, the question is how to get started with the preparation for the c-suite titles. There are plenty of self-learning materials that would give you a boost to land your next high-paying and fulfilling job. Novoresume’s free resources is one of the examples. The platform will help you transition to a smooth career change, such as how to write a resignation letter, craft a professional resume, write irresistible cover letters, or interview practice questions. You never know; this could be the beginning of your path to c-realm positions. It would be a good idea to dig deep into the topics including digital transformation, virtual leadership, how to find a purpose, etc. to complete your profile.

Final Thoughts

When businesses evolve, it also changes everything, including how we do work and how we prefer it. The competition for new c-suite positions is expected to heat up in the coming years. If you want to stay ahead of the game and be globally competitive, volunteering, networking, and learning new skills should be at the top of your agenda. Career advancement is for people who want to challenge themselves further. It is always better to start gear up early. Good luck in getting the job!

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