Flexi-Offices: A Game Changer for GuestReady

July 31, 2023

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As the world of work continues to evolve, companies are constantly seeking ways to adapt to the shifting landscape. One such company is GuestReady, a global Airbnb management company that recently faced unique challenges looking for a temporary solution, when their team was growing and their new office was being refurbished. This is their story of how they embraced the flexible office model (Flexi-Office), and how it transformed their work experience.

The Challenge

GuestReady was on the brink of a big change. In just two years, their team had grown from 7 to 48 members, outgrowing their Dubai office. Nathan, Head of Property Onboarding and Interior Styling at GuestReady, described the situation: “We ended our office lease due to our expanding team. However, our new office wasn’t ready due to unexpected delays, which we learned about just one week before our scheduled move.”

Working from home (WFH) wasn’t a desirable option for them. Nathan noted, “We like to work together in the same place, not from home. We work better when we’re all together, and we’re not just coworkers, but friends too. Although Fridays are WFH, some of us prefer to be at the office as we enjoy each other’s company. When we hire, we make sure new people fit in with our team culture. Therefore, our team has a high retention rate.”

Flexi-Office as the Solution

Short notice, high costs and long-term commitments ruled out traditional private offices. They needed a workspace solution that could adapt to their hybrid work model and fluctuating team size. This is where Deskimo stepped in with an ideal solution: Flexi-Offices.

GuestReady found their perfect match in Deskimo, where they enjoyed a four-days-a-week office. We facilitated them a private office at one of our workspace partners, granting them access from Monday to Thursday. This included usage of the co-working area, meeting rooms, and other essential amenities. The highlight of this arrangement? They were charged only for the actual usage! Their contract renewed weekly, and there was no requirement for long-term commitments. This also allowed for flexibility in adjusting the pax size.

GuestReady’s Flexi-Office experience exceeded expectations. The location was accessible, and the vibrant, entrepreneurial atmosphere was a perfect fit for their team spirit. As Nathan notes, “The office was just right for us… We had space for effective meetings, phone booths for zoom calls and TV-screens for larger events. We also enjoyed the networking opportunities that the co-working space offered.”

Looking to the Future

Without hesitation, Nathan recommended Flexi-Offices to other companies. “Absolutely, I would recommend it,” he said. “It’s not only a great stop-gap solution for companies like us who are in a transitional phase, but also for companies who are adopting hybrid work. It is a great way to cut costs and give employees the flexibility which helps with employee retention.”

Are you interested in a flexible office solution? We know every company is unique, so get in touch with us for a tailored solution to meet your needs!

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