Top Affordable Meeting Rooms in Singapore

September 2, 2021

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Top Affordable Meeting Rooms in Singapore

Let’s face it, some work meetings are just better done face-to-face. Brainstorming sessions and open discussions can be notoriously difficult to coordinate online. What’s more, home office environments can be incredibly distracting. While we might be all geared up for an important client meeting, our children and beloved pets at home might have other ideas. 

Here’s a curated list of affordable meeting rooms you can rent by the hour on Deskimo in Singapore – perfect for when you need a more private and conducive environment to host meetings or joint work sessions. All listed meeting rooms have a capacity of 4-8 persons*. 

4-6 Person Capacity Meeting Rooms

Ucommune – S$32.10/hr

Located at some of the most well-connected locations, Ucommune provides professionals with sophisticated, open-concept spaces designed for collaboration and networking. It’s downtown locations are hard to rival in terms of accessibility and affordability. 

Ucommune provides an array of meeting rooms, each fully equipped with TV screens, charging ports and whiteboards. Whether its client meetings or team brainstorming sessions, Ucommune has you covered. 

Ucommune Bugis Junction, ‘Merlion’ meeting room (4 pax), $32.10/hr
Ucommune OUE Downtown 2, ‘Discussion Room 1’ (4 pax), $35.10/hr

The Working Capitol – S$35/hr

Home to fintechs and a diverse family of start-ups, The Working Capitol is a unique coworking space situated along Keong Saik Road. The historic heritage building it is housed in was once an old biscuit factory once bustling with factory workers. Today, the space is a popular choice among co-workers and remote workers.

If you’re keen on a bustling entrepreneurial environment, The Working Capitol provides you with private spaces while keeping you connected to a wider network of professionals. All meeting rooms are equipped with TV screens, charging ports and whiteboards

The Working Capitol, Meeting Room 2 (4 pax), $35/hr

Changi Lounge – S$48/hr

Moving further east, Changi Lounge provides a cozy space nestled at the iconic Jewel. Guests can soak up the atmosphere of Singapore award-winning Changi Airport from the comfort of their work desk. Changi Lounge’s meeting rooms are fitted with spacious desk areas and comfortable lighting set-ups that help you to get into a productive headspace.

Meeting rooms are equipped with TV screens and charging ports.. Changi Lounge’s inviting meeting rooms are available for booking for $48/hr on Deskimo.

Changi Lounge, Meeting Room (5 pax), $48/hr

Furama RiverFront – S$50/hr

Vacations are on hold so why not spend your workdays in style? Enjoy a mini ‘workcationn’ at the elegant Furama RiverFront hotel. The hotel has converted a portion of its spaces into coworking spaces for busy professionals that want a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Many hotels host major meetings and conferences – Furama RiverFront is no exception. It’s event spaces are now dedicated meeting room spaces. The meeting room is available for booking at $50/hr on Deskimo.

Furama RiverFront, ‘Jupiter I’, $50/hr

Crane – S$54/hr

Designed to be a social space, Crane is a hip coworking area that also serves as an active host for events in the local arts and culture scene. It’s Instagrammable cafe-like interior makes it a comfortable space for collaboration and coffee chats.

Artsy and collaborative, Crane’s spaces are designed to get your creative juice flowing – perfect for a brainstorming session. It’s meeting room is available for booking at $54/hr on Deskimo.

Crane, ‘Swift’ (6 pax), $54/hr

City Serviced Offices – S$70/hr

City Serviced Offices provides familiar professional office environments that also affords guests with a bird’s eye view of Singapore’s city skyline. If you have an important client meeting or simple want a more traditional corporate office environment, City Serviced Offices might be the best option suited for you.

Ideal for small team gatherings, the meeting rooms are equipped with whiteboards and ergonomic chairs. The meeting rooms are available for booking at $70/hr on Deskimo.

City Serviced Offices South Beach Tower, ‘Classic’ (4 pax), $70/hr
City Serviced Offices Republic Plaza 1, ‘Signature’ (6 pax), $70/hr

The Executive Centre – S$45/hr

The Executive Centre manages a chain of beautiful contemporary coworking spaces overlooking Singapore’s central business district. Cozily-lit and fitted with luxurious interiors, its workspaces provide an inspiring environment for guests. Designed for virtual collaboration and important meetings, The Executive Centre’s meeting rooms don’t disappoint either.

Most of The Executive Centre’s meeting rooms are equipped with whiteboards and TV screens. Guests also enjoy full-time concierge support throughout the workday. Meeting Rooms are available for booking from $45/hr.

The Executive Centre Gateway West, ’35B’, $45/hr

Arcc Spaces One Marina Boulevard – S$117/hr

Looking for a picture-postcard view of Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay? Arcc Spaces One Marina Boulevard provides an unrivalled view of Marina Bay Sands and the Central Business District. Fitted with top-notch state-of-the-art interior, Arcc Spaces provides a premium address for success.

Arcc Spaces’ meeting rooms are both initimate and professional. They are equipped with whiteboards, TV screens and video conferencing facilities. Meeting rooms are available for booking at $117/hr on Deskimo.

Arcc Spaces One Marina Boulevard, ‘Canopy’ (6 pax), $117/hr

7-8 Person Capacity Meeting Rooms

The Common Ground – S$35/hr

Spacious, tranquil and collaborative, The Common Ground is a well-loved workspace in the east of Singapore. With 5000 square feet of space today, The Common Ground provides a plethora of work stations, including fully-furnished, meeting rooms.

Meeting rooms receive plenty of natural light and are fitted with TV screen and charging ports. 7-pax Meeting rooms are available for booking at $35/hr on Deskimo.

The Common Ground, ‘Marble’ (7 pax), $35/hr
The Common Ground, ‘Granite’ (7 pax), $35/hr

The Working Capitol – S$65/hr

The Working Capitol also offers meeting rooms with larger capacities, similar equipped with TV screens, charging ports and generous desk space. The 8-pax rooms are available for booking at $65/hr on Deskimo.

The Working Capitol, Meeting Room 2 (8 pax), $65/hr

Crosscoop – S$75/hr

Crosscoop is a serviced office and coworking space with Japanese service quality located between Raffles Place and Telok Ayer. Crosscoop’s commodious and clean meeting rooms fully equipped with whiteboards and charging ports. The 8-pax rooms are available for booking at $75/hr on Deskimo.

Crosscoop, ‘Meeting Room 5’ (8 pax), $75/hr

Arcc Spaces 75 High Street – $90/hr

Arcc Spaces 75 High Street is the second of Arcc Spaces’ premium workspaces in Singapore’s city center. It’s meeting rooms are brightly lit and equipped with TV screens, an abundance of charging ports and on-site concierge service. Meeting rooms are available for booking at $90/hr on Deskimo.

Arcc Spaces 75 High Street, ‘Weiss’ (8 pax), $90/hr

The Executive Centre – S$150/hr

Need a larger space for meetings? The Executive Centre has meeting rooms of varying capacities. Its 8-pax meeting room is furnished with a whiteboard wall, charging ports and TV screens. Most of all, it also has a stunning view of Raffles Place. The 8-pax meeting rooms are available for booking at $150/hr on Deskimo/

The Executive Centre Ocean Financial Centre, ’37A’ (8 pax), $150/hr

About Deskimo

Deskimo is the flexible work platform of choice that helps businesses navigate the new future of work. With us, you and your business can adapt to flexible work, and pay-as-you-go across dozens of spaces in Singapore and Hong Kong. 

*Our workspaces are currently safe, open and ready for your return. Do adhere to local Covid-19 safety measures to keep yourself, and other workspace patrons safe.

*Note: Meeting room capacities are subject to changes according to local Covid-19 restrictions.

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