Top Co-working Spaces in Hong Kong

March 30, 2023

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At Deskimo, we are committed to helping businesses and professionals adapt to a rapidly changing economy with solutions to downscale their workplace needs flexibly, cheaply and quickly.

Are you in Hong Kong and still unsure which co-working spaces is the best option for you? Here are some of Deskimo Favorite Co-Working Spaces!

V Point Causeway Bay x Deskimo

V-Point is a 31-storey commercial building located in the heart of Causeway Bay. The Ginza Style Grade A Building is a hub of over a dozen eateries – from Taiwanese hotpot to Korean cuisine and western-style delicacies. Enjoy a meal under the impeccable panoramic views of Hong Kong Victoria Harbour and the breathtaking skyline for a multi-sensory dining experience. From 9-12/F, V-Point houses the developer-operated co-working space, V-Co, providing flexible yet accessible workspace and event-venue solutions in the most lively, vibrant district of Hong Kong.

You can now get on-demand access to V-Point Co-Working Space in Causeway Bay at the heart of the city! With Deskimo, you will be able to get access to hot desks or a productive meeting space anytime!

Ps. It’s a pay as you go & pay per-minute service with Deskimo! Here’s to an even more flexible way to experience V-Point!

MyBase Causeway Bay x Deskimo

For people in Causeway Bay area, this one’s for you! You can now get on-demand access to MyBase in Lee Theatre Plaza.

Bringing together work and study, their convenient space gives you a way to have a quiet and focus space to perform at your best! MyBase co-working space is equipped with hot desks and a meeting room with refreshments keep your productivity going throughout the day.

MyBase provide a collection of spaces designed for individuals and groups, you get to choose from private unit to hot desk. From intensive working style to relaxing social conversations, we create an environment for you to improve your efficiency.

Access hot desks at HKD 50.00/hour or HKD 165.00 for the day pass!

About Deskimo

Deskimo provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for small teams who do not need a fixed workspace. With Deskimo, you can easily discover workspaces at various locations around Singapore that suit the specific needs of your team. This eliminates the need for a long-term commitment to a single location and the associated costs, making it a much more cost-effective solution in the long run. As such, Deskimo is an ideal solution for small teams, in particular, hybrid teams who are seeking a more flexible and cheaper work arrangement. Try us out at

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