Useful Products You Need At A Coworking Space to Maximise Experience

September 5, 2021
maximise your coworking experience

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Useful Products You Need At A Coworking Space to Maximise Experience

The following is a guest post from Gogoprint.

A co-working spaces differ from standard office environments because the people at coworking spaces generally aren’t working for the same company. It’s a communal workspace where people can work independently or collaborate on the same projects. As coworking spaces continue to gain popularity, more and more people are raising the question: What advantages and opportunities do businesses gain from coworking?

To answer that question we explore how coworking spaces are indeed the perfect place to network and build crucial business relationships. Professionals are given the opportunity to work alongside each other despite being from different companies.

To facilitate the building of connections with potential partners, it is always important to prepare everything that is needed beforehand. Which is why in this comprehensive article, we are going to talk about the essential office supplies you need to prepare in a co-working space to maximise experience.

Name Cards

Whether at a networking event or at a coffee shop, the opportunity for a business connection can occur anywhere. The same goes for a coworking space. Therefore, it is very important that you prepare multiple custom name cards that can be handed out to customers or business contacts. A professionally designed name card sends a great message. In-house graphic designers and printing professionals can help make your name cards stand out among others.

maximise your coworking experience

When a client or customer has one of your personal name cards, rather than a scrap piece of paper with your name and number on it, they are more likely to call you back.


Now, what about stickers? What exactly can a sticker do to benefit your business at a coworking space? Let’s talk about the number of times you’ve noticed a branded sticker on someone’s personal belongings. The most common items that people love to decorate with cool stickers are laptops, teacups, notebooks, and even cars. The one thing these people have in common is their love for custom stickers design that makes their personal belongings look good.

maximise your coworking experience

Stickers are flexible marketing tools because they can be pasted anywhere. Showcase your brand effortlessly by creating an attractive customer sticker your employees can show-off while working from any coworking space and maximise their experience.


Coupons are valuable because they inspire customers to take action immediately. Your business partners would feel appreciated if they receive a good deal of branded coupons or vouchers from you.

Coupon marketing helps to create and build an emotional and personal relationship with whoever receives it. If your products or services are something that would benefit the customers of your business partner, you could use a coupon marketing strategy to promote your business further.

maximise your coworking experience

It is also a marketing tool that helps make the words spread faster about your business and to maximise the coworking experience of your customers. Consider a scenario: if someone who received the coupon is not interested in the offer, what would they do with the coupon? They would probably just share it with someone who would benefit from it instead! Who would waste a coupon with a great deal in it? This is an effective tool to motivate your potential customers. 


There are many benefits of working from a co-working space. Besides having more friends that could make your workday more fun, you could also boost and increase the productivity in your marketing. Collaboration and networking opportunities are also at your door without having so much effort finding and meeting people outside your office. 

But to get to the point where you can get all the advantages of working in a co-working space, you need to start preparing or printing items that can help you promote your business further. For convenience and urgency, online printing services such as OnTimePrint or Gogoprint can be a great help to get you prepared while you are busy with your business plan, so be sure to plan ahead and everything will go smoothly! 

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