Visit N9 – a good cure for the Monday blues

June 13, 2022
N9 Offices at Peck Seah Street

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Visit N9 – a good cure for the Monday blues

Remote working diary: N9 Offices at Peck Seah Street

Each month, our Deskimo users in Singapore bring you with them on a virtual tour of our co-working spaces and a peek into how they organize their day. If you’re looking for a place to host your next meeting to impress your clients and investors, bookmark our blog and stay tuned for more updates.

Freelancer’s bio: John is a remote developer working for a startup. 

Today’s co-working space: N9 at Tanjong Pagar(Peck Seah Street)

N9 Peck Seah is located on the 9th storey of Nehson Building, an office building along Peck Seah Street. It is three minutes away from the Tanjong Pagar MRT station (East West line).

If you’re working out of N9, you’ll be within the hub of the office district and a stone’s throw away from 100 AM Shopping Mall, Tanjong Pagar Plaza, and popular hawker centres such as Maxwell Food centre. I’ve decided to head there to work today as I need the privacy of a booth to take calls from my team later.

The place:

2 pm: From Tanjong Pagar MRT, follow the signs for Peck Seah Street and you’ll find Nehson Building on the further end of the street. It’s still in the heart of the city, but the vibe is a lot more casual here. Plenty of natural light thanks to the wide windows and bright down lights. 

More importantly, the private booths (far left image above) mean that I’m not sitting next to my neighbour. This is crucial today as I have many calls to take and I don’t want to share a communal space. 

The ergonomic, adjustable chairs is also extremely comfortable for my back as I sit for long hours coding and staring at the screen. 

The entire setting looks clean and neat. I need to head out later to the gym, so I’ll be placing my stuff in the lockers. 

I might also have to print several documents later, so the sharing printing facilities are useful for me. 

3 pm: Client meeting done! After my client leaves, it’s time to get some refreshments! N9 provides freeflow coffee, tea, and Milo, and magazines for reading. You also get to approach fellow coworkers in the lounge or pantry area. The possibility of landing a client or hitting up a startup enthusiast is pretty high! 

But since I am here, I’m keen to explore the place. Peck Seah Street is known for its independent cafes. While you can go to 100AM mall or Gucco Towers, just 5 minutes away, there are plenty of cafes such as Bearded Bella and Baristart Coffee with wonderful coffee and food that awaits. 

It’s 4 pm, and it’s Monday so I’m signing off! You can also maximise your day by working out of N9, available for booking on the Deskimo app.

Till next time, cheers!

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