What Does the Metaverse Mean for the Future of Work?

November 12, 2021

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What Does the Metaverse Mean for the Future of Work?

Many executives and remote workers have their own take on Facebook’s rebranding recently. It has become more apparent that remote work is here to stay, with the two tech giants leading the way to the future of flexible work.

As Microsoft’s CEO, Natya Nadella, said at one of his conferences, “can’t overstate how much of a breakthrough,” Metaverse is. If Facebook, now Meta, is innovating, so is Microsoft. Will Facebook’s Oculus and Microsoft’s HoloLens tap into the virtual world–the two tech giants be able to revolutionize the future of work successfully?

What To Expect From the Future of Work

Metaverse is a science fiction coming to reality. From only using video conferencing and collaboration tools, remote workers will have the reality of working alongside others in the virtual world using avatars. 

According to one report, it can be used to train new recruits more vividly than ever. Each employee will have their own avatars that mimic human voices and move like one. Not only that, humans and avatars could collaborate at the same time that will create a mixed reality.

There are also virtual offices dedicated to companies where flexible workers with their avatars go to work or even play games like table tennis during break time.

Though it seems impossible, technology and innovation only go forward, and so does the way people work.

Here is a deeper look into the future of work with the new internet, Metaverse.

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1. Revolutionized Future of Work, Entertainment, and Everything in Between

In one of his Facebook posts, Zuckerberg says, “In the future, working together will be one of the main ways people use the metaverse.” This further defined not just the future of work but also of entertainment and everything in between, wherever this new innovation would lead.

That said, more workforce will choose to be working from home as essential tools to make flexible work become comfortable are provided. Hybrid setup is also increasingly becoming a trend for some industries where they may choose to work at the office only two days a week. And work from home the rest of the week, depending on the company’s policy.

What’s more to look forward to is people having the freedom where they want to work as long as they have the internet. They may go to a ‘rent an office for a day’ workspace setup to unwind from the distractions at home.

2. New Work Experience Where Businesses Are Slowly Adapting

Imagine your boss holding a conference meeting in a virtual office and all your fellow flexible co-workers around attending the same meeting as you with their avatars. Talking about work, presenting ideas through holograms, or even performing a little show made it as if everyone was physically present.

Another unique flexible working experience to look forward to is more work-life balance, and enhanced creativity from different work experiences Metaverse is offering.

On top of that, businesses can easily provide real-time simulation training to their new hires instead of pre-recorded videos. A virtual tour to the work office is also one of the most anticipated things to getting familiarized with the office without spending hefty costs on flights.

3. Less to Office Setup, More to Remote, and Hybrid

With technology becoming more advanced and catering to almost all of our needs in flexible work, there will be no question that working from home is the only way to go in the future.

For example, one report says there was a cost-cutting of workspaces in the US and started investing the capital in other areas of the business instead.

4. Productivity to Skyrocket From Solving Communication Gaps

Despite the current innovative features of collaboration tools like Slack, Asana, or video conferencing like Zoom, communication gaps still can’t be resolved. Being one of the challenges of remote work, it greatly affects productivity and the company’s overall success.

Now, Metaverse will help solve this problem with more advanced ways of collaborating with other people within the network using avatars. Creativity towards work will be more observed, like creating a virtual conference room where you can present your ideas to your clients.

5. Complex Problems at Work Will Now Be Easier

Take, for example, a real estate agent who is going to present the house to her new clients who don’t have much time to travel. In the Metaverse, you can create a virtual replica of the house and give your clients a virtual tour instead.

Changes in other organizations, such as presenting complex ideas in engineering and real estate, will be made possible by Metaverse.

Looking Through the Future

The future of work and how the Metaverse will play a significant role will revolutionize everything we do today. It’s the same thing with bitcoin. When it was thought to fall, right in our eyes, we knew it was one way through the future. Technology and innovation are the primary forces shaping the industry, the world, and how we work.

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