Why Coworking Spaces Are Great For Productivity

August 17, 2021

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Why Coworking Spaces Are Great For Productivity

Once upon a time, coworking spaces were exclusively associated with startups and hip freelancers. However, following the strong push amongst Asian cities towards building robust entrepreneurial ecosystems, demand for coworking spaces has risen. Currently, Asia-Pacific is the world’s largest coworking region, home to over 11,500 flexible workspaces (Osdoro). 

The pandemic has also notably accelerated the shift towards flexible work which has reinvigorated the demand for coworking spaces despite the operational challenges brought about by Covid-19.

This shift has been overwhelmingly well-received by professionals across the world. According to the Straits Times, 94% of PMEs in Singapore want remote work arrangements to stay. Similarly, on a global level, 70% of employees want flexible work options to continue (Microsoft). 

Prolonged remote work arrangements have also awakened many businesses to the benefits of a maximum flexibility work policy. Apart from overhead cost savings and greater efficiency, flexible work policies have also proved to be magnets for talent and innovation

Of course, understandably, businesses are also concerned about the impacts of a decentralised office on company culture and employee productivity. Coworking spaces have emerged as the ideal intermediary solution – here’s how coworking spaces reap the efficiency benefits of remote work while keeping employees connected and productive. 

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Stimulating work environment

Ever wondered why many seem to concentrate better at cafes? Turns out, research shows that a ‘moderate level of ambient noise’ helps to boost productivity and creativity. Additionally, the audience effect we experience while working in the presence of a small, passive audience can also help to improve performance. 

The ubiquity and commonality of cafes makes them an easy choice for many professionals looking for a workspace away from home. However cafes are often poorly optimised for professional work. Not to mention, cafes get crowded easily and offer little to no privacy which can be a problem for professionals who need to take frequent calls and client meetings. 

Coworking spaces offer the best of both worlds. They retain the shared open and calming atmosphere of cafes while providing full-furnished workdesks for guests. These workspaces are often equipped with an array of workstations. Most importantly, employers don’t have to worry about a lack of office supplies too – many coworking spaces offer printing services and on-site concierge support.

Community of contented employees

Having friends at work and interacting with others is an important part of our workday. According to a LinkedIn study, ‘46% of professionals around the world believe having work friends enhances their overall happiness’. These bonds forged through workplace friendships have the wider effect of increasing engagement and capacity. 

The efficiency of telecommuting can make workplace interactions feel brief and clinical which can make working from home isolating. Coworking spaces help to breach this social-psychological gap by helping employees stay connected. 

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Coworking spaces are a great way to keep employees engaged and connected
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Beyond a workspace, coworking spaces pride themselves on building communities of like-minded professionals. Shared Space reported than 75% to 90% of co-workers enjoy the networking opportunities and friendships that coworking spaces create.

Alternatively, coworking spaces are also a common meeting point for employees to work with their favourite coworkers or friends which can significantly motivate the workday and ultimately boost productivity.

Team building and company culture

Working-from-home might have its shortcomings, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a return to the pre-pandemic office is a better solution. 

Instead of being confined to fixed cubicles and segregated departments, the open-concept appraoch taken at coworking spaces provides employees with more opportunities to interact with their coworkers and directly collaborate on projects together. When employees feel that they know their managers on a more direct and personal level, they are more likely to feel like they are part of a team. 

Hence instead of seeing office decetralisation as destroyer of company culture, employers can explore remote work solutions that help to enhance team synergy and improve upon the shortcomings of conventional teambuilding efforts. 

Minimising distractions

Working from home isn’t a relaxing affair. Most of the time, we need some space away from home to concentrate on our work. Be it kids, pets or neighbours, our homes are filled with distractions. 

On the other hand, working from a cubicle isn’t ideal either. The unstimulating and repetitive environment can make the workday feel uninspired and dreary which can adversely affect productivity and worsen burnout. 

At coworking spaces however, co-workers are met with new faces and new environments everyday. They can feel free to choose a space that best appeals and accommodates their professional and personal preferences which can do wonders for their productivity in the long-run. 

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