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GuestReady is a leading vacation rental management company in Europe and the Middle East
Deskimo business account holders get a 20% discount off their first 10 checks
Guarantee precision: Aprovia conducts comprehensive background verifications for individuals. Effortlessly verify the data shared by applicants, partners, or clients.
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Connect with thousands of like-minded remote workers nearby and recreate your colleague’s environment.
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Deskimo’s partnership with Monx is a testament to their commitment to providing businesses with the tools they need to thrive in today’s competitive environment. By combining forces, these two industry leaders are set to revolutionize the landscape of corporate services, offering a one-stop solution for company incorporation, accounting, tax, and payroll needs. This collaboration signifies a new era of efficiency and support for businesses, allowing them to focus on what they do best – growing and succeeding in their respective industries. Get in touch to get your 5% voucher code today!
Up to S$ 1,250 in cash bonuses for Deskimo startups
The all-in-one financial operating system powering Southeast Asia’s fastest growing startups. Power your startup with our business account, international payments, corporate cards and expense management – all in one place.
Get 3% cashback on all your card spend
A single account to manage your global payments and finances
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Enables businesses to set up their storefront in minutes with no code, no design, and no app downloads.
Get $50 credited when you make your first transaction with a Fazz card. Earn up to 2% APY with Fazz business saving accounts.
Build, run and grow your business with Fazz. Companies across Southeast Asia use Fazz to send and receive payments, grow their capital, and get funding.
As a member of Deskimo HK, get 10% off for contractors & 10% off for full time employees for 12 months
10% off for 12 months on deel with a Deskimo account!

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