Deskimo’s 2022 Workplace Stats: Trends in Southeast Asia and the Middle East

January 4, 2023
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As 2022 is in our rear view mirror, it’s a good moment to step back and look at some fun statistics as to how people in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and the United Arab Emirates worked over the past 12 months. While this is only our first full calendar year, it reveals some interesting numbers, and we’ll keep on looking at them over the coming years to see if we can identify any trends and changes in how people interact with their workplace.

500,000,000 seconds at 100s of workspaces

First, as Deskimo charges only for the time actually spent at a workspace (exact to the second!), we can sum up the number of seconds spent at any of our partner workspaces. This number is astonishingly high with close to half a billion seconds spent at co-working spaces across all four countries. On average, people stayed just a bit more than 4 hours per time at a workspace. The length varied though, with some people checking in and out in less than one minute, and others spending more than 12 hours at one location.

We’ve facilitated many meetings as well, the longest lasted 9 hours! With almost 1,000 meeting room reservations albeit COVID restrictions during the first half of 2022, we can clearly see a trend towards an increased in-person collaboration and people enjoying to spend time together in person. Our most popular meeting room was a podcast studio, which has been booked 16 times. This Deskimo gem was located at The Crane, Robertson Quay, in Singapore – unfortunately that workspace has since moved out of their location, so we’re excited to see which meeting room will become our users’ new favorite in 2023. Given we have 100s of meeting rooms listed on the app, there should be one for any preference.

Podcast studio “Louie” at Crane, Singapore

Our workspaces have not all received the same booking volume, of course much of the traffic is dependent on location, ratings, facilities, busyness, and price. The workspace that has received most first-time Deskimo users was at The Hive, Boat Quay, in Singapore.
Some of our office partners have started to offer discounts to Deskimo users, the steepest discount that we’ve recorded was 60% off the normal rate! These discounts are only available for the day, so make sure to keep an eye on either the list or the map view, where promotions are clearly indicated.

The Hive, Carpenter Street (Boat Quay) in Singapore

Deskimo as a cost-effective supplement to the corporate office

Talking prices, our users paid USD 19.24 (SGD 26 resp. 150 HKD resp. 70 AED) for a day pass; that’s the average across all countries and all properties. Assuming full-time Deskimo usage (21 days / month), this puts the monthly cost / desk to USD 404. Given most employees have around 20 days of holidays, there are public holidays and sick leaves, this reduces the actual cost for a desk closer to USD 360 for full-time usage. Most of our users use Deskimo 2-3 times per week and only spend approximately half a day at any location, which makes Deskimo a powerful, flexible, cost-effective solution for any company that has adopted hybrid work following the pandemic.

The reduction of corporate office space (and the conversion of the same into shared offices) has hugely accelerated, particularly in places such as Singapore and Dubai, with other locations certainly following suit. Companies that discover the immediate cost benefits of a distributed office can turn this into a competitive advantage as they have a greater financial flexibility to hire and retain talents.

We’re excited to keep powering the most forward-thinking companies across the world with our flexible, easy-to-use and cost-efficient marketplace! If you don’t have a business account for your company yet, open one here.

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