Co-working and digital creators: why decentralised spaces?

June 2, 2022

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Co-working and digital creators: why decentralised spaces?

One of the most exciting new technologies is blockchain, a decentralised database stored on different computers. 

The storage of digital assets that cannot be tampered with offers limitless technology possibilities and has got many people buzzing about what it can do.

In Singapore alone, the investments pouring into startups were at a 5-year high of US$3.9 billion. As the news shows, this was driven by investment in blockchain and crypto, cybersecurity and wealth tech. As the intense start-up scene surrounding blockchain technology shows, decentralised finance is taking off, and most of these startups are looking for a place to build their dreams.

Herein comes the opportunity for co-working spaces to provide a launchpad for digital creators looking to operationalise their startups. While most of these startups have remote teams, physical space might still be necessary for localised team gatherings. It’s hard to replace the human touch for some announcements or events.

Apart from that, this article looks at why digital creators and startups in Singapore should consider co-working spaces for their physical offices. 

Why should digital creators or startups choose co-working spaces?

1. Digital creators need a space to structure their days

While most digital creators working freelance or are part of a start-up team have complete control over their working hours, it can still be challenging to have the inner motivation and discipline to start work.

Co-working spaces, open during office hours, provide the physical environment for creators to settle down and get their work done. In addition, they are often near gyms and shopping malls, which means the convenience of planning their workouts or grocery shopping trips. 

2. Digital creators gain a community in co-working spaces

It’s challenging to work remote for long hours, so co-working spaces offer a community for those who work away from an office.

Each co-working space has its vibe and attracts different communities. For example, CoSpace Park, situated in Kent Ridge, is a serene environment that allows digital creators to focus on their business ideas. CoSpace also has several corporate innovation programs led by seasoned entrepreneurs. Right in the heart of the tech entrepreneurship hub, it draws a strong following of business-minded types thanks to its space and programs.

3. Digital creators gain a stronger identity which forges better connections

Most people who choose to work freelance or as part of start-up teams usually choose projects that they care about. 

Unlike traditional office spaces, co-working spaces have members who work for different companies and on various projects. There is usually little immediate competition or internal politics with remote working as the norm. So they do not have a work persona that they need to put on to fit in. 

While that may be helpful to make you feel more focused at work, when you work alone for long hours, you might start to feel dissociated and disengaged. 

Working amidst people doing different work can make one’s own work identity stronger. In addition, you can forge a better sense of where your project is going because you expand your perspective by talking to various persons and getting unique ideas. 

Moreover, working in a co-working space, where it is the culture and the norm to help each other out, forms a unique ecosystem where digital creators can tap on others’ strengths and learn from other community members.

This helps you form a more robust identity by being in a co-working space. 

4. Startups can keep their costs low

A fixed office space means signing a contract with monthly rental fees and utilities. A co-working space, however, allows you more flexibility.

If you have a co-working app like Deskimo, you can choose different locations to work from daily at an affordable fee. Co-working spaces have many amenities such as a projector, whiteboard, and printing facilities. Tea and coffee are also available. 

You don’t have to pay for additional cleaning services or worry about stocking up the pantry.  This keeps your monthly operational costs lower. 

5. Impression management: co-working spaces offer a conducive environment

When it comes to raising funds or meeting your clients, you still need a formal working environment. While you can meet them in a cafe, the noise will hinder your presentation flow.

It looks really impressive when you can meet your investors or clients in a formal work setting. Apart from giving off the impression that you are ready and polished, it also helps to soothe your nerves.

Whether you need strong Wifi connectivity, plenty of power outlets,  or a high-speed printer with colour ink, your co-working space has it all. Plus, you can rely on a concierge to meet your working needs. So you don’t have to stress over minor details when making that million-dollar pitch.

Besides, if you meet your investors in real life, you need a meeting room with a projector or a whiteboard to put across the correct info or graphics. So, a co-working space is the best environment to help you clinch that deal! 

Decentralised working spaces, like decentralised finance is the future

For both digital creators and startups, you’ll want to maximise all the opportunities you can get when working solo. Without the routine of daily office space, you might start to lose focus on your own work goals and priorities. 

And if you work in a team,  a conducive remote working space is essential for virtual calls and a brainstorming area for your team. Find these workplaces easily with the Deskimo app. 

Read our blog and download the app to check out all our available co-working spaces today!

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