Coworking Spaces for Navigating Expansion: Xcellink’s Journey with Deskimo

August 25, 2023

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In today’s global age, the business landscape is rapidly changing thanks to innovation and globalization, creating opportunities and challenges for companies. Finding suitable office space becomes a critical aspect when companies are expanding, impacting culture, productivity, and brand identity. When faced with this challenge, Xcellink turned to Deskimo’s on-demand coworking spaces to facilitate their operational requirements in Malaysia while ensuring cost efficiency.

Xcellink is a Singapore-based Workforce Solutions and Enterprise ICT Operations Service Management company and a trusted vendor partner to high-growth global companies, established local enterprises, as well as government-linked corporations for over 2 decades. Their team has been a long-time user of Deskimo in Singapore since the pandemic. As they expanded their operations to Malaysia, they turned to Deskimo to fulfill their workspace needs across different markets. We had the pleasure to speak with four team members from Xcellink, Huda, Rashvinder, Nurul, and Jasmine, to dive deeper into their experience.

Navigating the Pandemic with Coworking Spaces

Deskimo’s flexible workspaces played a crucial role during the pandemic, providing Xcellink’s team in Singapore with a safe alternative to the traditional office environment. During the transition back to the office, the team utilized coworking spaces to minimize contact in their main corporate office. They also appreciated the convenience of working from a workspace closer to home.

A Transition from Remote to Hybrid

Before Deskimo’s expansion into Malaysia, the Xcellink team in Kuala Lumpur was primarily working remotely. With Deskimo’s arrival, the team found a convenient and efficient solution to manage their workspace arrangements without committing to a traditional office lease.

Deskimo’s on-demand workspaces have since played a crucial role in Xcellink’s business operations, providing a space not only for joint coworking or meetings but also for special events like townhall meetings and business discussions. Thanks to the availability of cutting-edge facilities including a projector, TV screen, and boards at Deskimo locations, the team was able to convene smoothly for such gatherings.

Nurul Huzaifah, an Inside Sales Representative at Xcellink, praised Deskimo’s aesthetic space and easy access: “Deskimo spaces emanate a sense of positivity and boast an aesthetic charm, offering a comfort that is vital for creating an environment conducive to enhancing my work focus. Xcellink gives employees the chance to use hybrid workspaces that prioritize both flexibility and comfort. Additionally, the multitude of Deskimo locations makes it convenient for me to connect with my colleagues for meetings and collaborations.”

Nurul, an Inside Sales Representative at Xcellink

A Centralized Solution for Workspace Management

For a company operating in two different markets, managing workspace needs can be a challenge. According to Huda and Rashvinder, Deskimo’s centralized approach was a game-changer for Xcellink. The platform allowed them to handle their workspace needs from a single account, as well as take control of their workspace expenses. The team praised Deskimo’s ease of use, highlighting the intuitive dashboard and the quick process of adding and removing users.

“With Deskimo, managing our workspace requirements in Singapore and Malaysia is effortless. From a single platform, we can seamlessly handle desk and meeting room bookings, as well as compare countless workspaces. We reserve larger meeting rooms monthly for discussions and collaborative work, while we prefer to stick with smaller rooms or open hotdesk spaces on a weekly basis.” they shared.

The availability of coworking spaces across regions and flexible pricing enabled Xcellink to effectively manage their operating costs while providing the freedom to choose the coworking space that suits their needs. This flexibility helps them to select the ideal workspace for their budget and work requirements while improving productivity. They noted, “Working at a single space can be mundane, so we enjoy trying out other locations and moving around.”

Jasmine, a Marketing Executive at Xcellink

Maintaining Communication & Collaboration through Coworking

With a geographically dispersed team, Xcellink has taken steps to ensure effective communication and collaboration among team members. Huda and Rashvinder explained, “At Xcellink, we harness the power of applications like Microsoft Teams and Bitrix24. These platforms offer real-time messaging, video conferencing, and document sharing capabilities, enabling our team members to connect and collaborate, no matter where they are physically located.” They continued, “However, meeting up physically via Deskimo has become an essential routine for our teams. These face-to-face encounters offer the ground for enhanced collaboration, communication, and sharing success. Indeed, the physical presence of team members nurtures healthier working relationships, creating a balance that facilitates both personal and professional growth.”

Jasmine, a Marketing Executive at Xcellink, shared how Deskimo has helped her work: “Deskimo has facilitated my work by allowing me to easily book a quiet working space. It has also paved the way for my team members and me to meet up on a flexible basis, allowing the exchange of ideas and keeping our professional relationship strong.”

In summary, Deskimo’s flexible workspace solutions have enabled Xcellink to manage their workspace needs across different markets efficiently. With a centralized platform and a variety of options to choose from, Deskimo offers a practical solution for businesses seeking flexibility and convenience in their workspace management.

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