7 Top Secret Tips to Succeed As a Remote Manager

February 14, 2022
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7 Top Secret Tips to Succeed As a Remote Manager

The role of a remote manager has a lot to do with succeeding as a team or failing as a team. But how can you ensure success even if working remotely and having to manage distributed teams? The headaches of tracking every project, following up deadlines, and making everyone feel at ease. Sometimes, it’s just too much.

But here’s how a successful remote manager does just that.

Keep your team to stay in the loop.

Ensure that everyone on the team is aware of what is going on with the project and who is in charge of what. Set clear roles and responsibilities. If working on a project requiring collaboration, ensure that each team member has access and is provided with tools. Keep track of their activities and keep a close eye on team members who don’t always meet the deadlines. This way, you’ll know how they are doing and what to adjust.

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Set reasonable expectations.

Part of the reason the team can fail is by setting unreasonable expectations. Often, this boils down to not knowing your team members deeply. When a project is given, and you expect the outcome to be exactly what you have imagined, it can lead to disappointment.

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For example, a newly hired employee should not be expected to get through the entire process for a short time because everyone learns differently at their own pace. But the employee should nevertheless strive to meet that expectation to show that they are capable and are willing to learn.

Set accountability framework.

Set a parameter for how much accountability they should be expected to be responsible for. If you don’t, there’s almost no clear, viable solution for your team member to do the job correctly the next time. Correct them professionally, and don’t beat around the bush if they get it wrong. It encourages honesty and accountability.

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Don’t boss around. Lead.

An excellent remote manager is the one who leads, not bosses around. Knowing how to lead is a skill every remote manager needs to succeed in a remote work setup. They know the difference between “working for you” vs. “working with you.” Being able to lead effectively also builds trust between you and your team members. Sometimes, they can even go a mile for their work so that they can please you.

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When remote employees feel valued, they return the favor without you having to tell them.

Get a dedicated coworking space for collaboration.

Despite working remotely, some face-to-face collaboration is still needed. Find a dedicated coworking space that will meet your team’s needs. Examine its amenities, location, and cost.

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Give them time to grow.

Statistically, more employees are leaving their jobs because they are not growing rather than being paid a cheap salary. Every one of your employees, despite how simple their roles are, needs growth. It’s a hallmark of every employee, whether remote or not, to grow and work on projects that need their expertise, opinions, and trust to handle jobs.

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Choose the right remote tools.

Aside from handling your remote team, remote managers should have the right tools to manage the team efficiently. It could be a tool for communication, collaboration, or productivity. Whatever it is, make sure to equip your remote team with the tools they need.

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Final Thoughts

Being a remote manager calls for a heavy responsibility at work. It is more than just making sure everything is done the right way and checking how everyone plays out. You could lead a team to success, but are they happy? Do they love what they’re doing? Or have they become a ticking bomb, waiting for the opportunity to hit the send button for their resignation letter? Whatever it is, the key to succeeding as a remote manager is to always understand your team and the situation.

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