Crane at Arab Street (Workspace Highlight)

December 14, 2021
coworking space in singapore

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Crane at Arab Street (Workspace Highlight)


Crane, located at 148 Arab Street, has all the things you need. From serving stellar Asian and Middle Eastern food at the Arab Street Cantina and up to the second floor, which welcomes you with its cozy workspaces. Crane is more than just a social club. It is a versatile place where you can dine, work and socialize. Most importantly, use its coworking space, which offers a variety of amenities for flexible workers. It is well-equipped and boasts a boho-theme interior that flexible workers, creatives, and top executives will surely love. Crane has also been a hub for promoting wellness talks and fundraising events. More than anything, it strives towards a healthy and diverse environment, ready to welcome its guests anytime.

“Crane is my perfect WFH not-at-home office. Memberships are flexible and affordable, the community is diverse. And the team always puts a smile on my face.”

Nathaniel G, Founder of Codestix Academy

“Aesthetics are on point, whether for work or leisure. It’s a one-stop shop: F&B, events, retail; all well curated. Really appreciate the team’s helpful and positive attitude too.”

Maya K, Co-founder of Moom Health

What makes Crane at Arab Street special?

Crane strives to bring people together and create moments worth capturing. Our new space at Arab Street is more than just beauty, with its boho-themed interior design that flexible workers can enjoy. We hope all guests who visit will find new inspiration for their craft. Whether you’re a top executive or a freelancer, we welcome anyone to work with us at our newly opened space.

Crane gives you the feeling of being at home with their welcoming service. As Crane’s CEO, Federico Folcia said in one of his interviews, “Crane is more about people, life experiences, and skills.”

coworking space in Singapore
coworking space in Singapore

Aside from coworking spaces, Crane at Arab Street has a specialty food menu and a visually appealing dining area. Among the specialties are Red Curry Prawn Conchiglie, Curry Leaf Bhajiya, Rose, Pistachio and Orange Almond Cake, and many more–all for a very affordable price. Consider Crane as one of your favorite coworking spaces today, and allow your creative juices to flow.

What kind of crowd do you attract?

Crane at Arab Street is suitable for anyone who wants to work in a more casual environment, and doesn’t mind being in a community of creatives. It’s not the place for one who requires absolute silence when working, but is great for those who don’t mind being in a cafe-like vibe. With soft jazz beats in the background, we’re ready for those who want a more vibrant, creative and spontaneous work day.

At Crane, professionals do not feel work as a necessity to live by but more of an exciting adventure of one’s own endeavor.

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Crane is the perfect place for casual work meets and creatives.

Casual meetings:

Crane is ideal for casual meetings with coworkers or colleagues to discuss upcoming events within the workplace or brainstorm about something on the creative side. With foods and desserts added to the conversation, it is the perfect place to think creatively.


Crane’s artistic and boho-themed workspace will ignite sparks of creativity. Its interior design, including the chic dining and retail area, speaks for itself. If you are looking for a place to find ideas and inspiration to incorporate into your design, Crane is the place to go.

coworking space

What is one thing that surprises people when they come to your space?

There are many things about Crane that you will find surprising. For one, our unique sense of style, which we use to design the walls, workspaces, tables, chairs, and even the lighting. Moreover, we produce content tailored to people of all ages that focuses on self-care, self-discovery, and keeping the mind and body active through conscious living.

Where to best have lunch in/around your workspace(s)?

You can have lunch at our cafe on the ground floor. We serve a variety of sustainable and organic dishes as we aim to promote sustainability and healthy living. You can check out our menu here.

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What else is fun to do around your workspace(s)?

Aside from working, brainstorming ideas, and touring around, Crane is also a social club where you can play, shop, and eat. Bring your friends and families with you to visit Crane located at 148 Arab Street and open 9 am to 6 pm Monday-Saturday and 9am-3pm Sunday.

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